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4 Top Interior Design Trends for 2020

4 Top Interior Design Trends for 2020

Sculptural pieces with layers of textures and materials subtly done also further this type of aesthetic, explained Georgina Wood, design director of London-based Taylor Howes Designs. “We’ve had the modern clean look, and maximalism looks incredible, but every day, it can be too much for the eye,” she said. “We are now in between the two: a laid-back luxury with an infusion of vintage and new, and mixes of color,” she said.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the style is a sense of individualism.

“With the ubiquity of design images online, there’s a greater drive to create a space that is truly unique,” Mr. Barzilay Freund said. “A home filled with an assortment of treasures—some old, some new, some gleaming, some showing the hard-earned wear and tear of a beloved heirloom—appears truly special and memorable.”

Jeffrey Beers of Jeffrey Beers International in New York said the trend is, in fact, not to be trendy. Instead it’s about making decisions that take the environment, health, longevity and quality into account. “We’ll see very individual choices based on personal taste and personality, or neutrality for the sake of timelessness,” Mr. Beers said.

This means natural and matte finishes with a focus on sustainability and timelessness rather than high-gloss or statement finishes. “Furnishings will be less about one style, such as Scandinavian modernism or industrial chic, and more an accumulation of looks based on individuality, need, purpose and functionality,” he said.

“True elegance means not having to try too hard,” Mr. Barzilay Freund explained, noting that not everything in a room needs to be in mint condition or in, what’s traditionally deemed, good taste.  “European aristocrats have long known this (think of a sitting room in a stately British country house with its plump sofas covered with an assortment of pillows and dogs and books and newspapers). American consumers of luxury design are starting to catch on.”



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