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8 Styles of New Faucets for Ease of Use

The traditional faucet is fine for basic water use, but when it comes to practicality and value, I’m afraid it’s a bit of a letdown. We’ll take a look at some of the seemingly wonderful new faucet ideas.

1, pull-type faucet

The pull-out faucet is one of the most accepted anti-set designs, and you can feel it in your daily life, as all newly renovated homes use this design.

These two must have pull-out faucets because they’re so practical! The first one is the bathroom sink. A pull-out faucet with a shower will make it easy to wash your hair.

The second place is the kitchen, with a pull-out faucet that allows you to hold the faucet and flush the dishes and sink for easy cleaning.

For the old kitchen is not fitted with pull-out faucet in terms of, do not have to be too remorseful, you can choose a shower faucet, as can achieve the purpose, special foaming device and water-saving function, but also to prevent the dishes when splashing water.

3、pot filler faucet

We’ve mentioned this pot filler faucet in previous issues when we talked about kitchen ideas.

Homeowners are used above the kitchen stove for adding water directly to the pot, but it’s actually more suitable for families with children, installed in the bathroom sink, which allows children to wash their hands with the same adult, and pull the rocker over, which is not so difficult.

4, faucet extender

Again, if it’s not installed and you have kids at home and you’re afraid you won’t be able to reach them, you can actually add a faucet extender for less than $10.

5、In-wall faucet

The in-wall faucet is not exactly for a nice looking trellis, although it does have a higher value than a regular faucet.

It is even more of a space saver for small homes, and in extreme small bathroom environments, perhaps a faucet reservation is enough to give the homeowner a headache. The in-wall type happens to be the ultimate solution to this problem.

In more detail, even in-wall faucets can be mounted on mirrored surfaces.

But a double-handle in-wall faucet is not as urgently demanded as a regular in-wall faucet, just to create a vintage feel.

6, external spray type faucet

We featured a homeowner who installed a faucet as an external spray + pull type in the first part of our home brainstorm.

The homeowner is 100 points for the faucet they installed, the actual external spray type can also exist as pictured above, with directional control through a valve.

7, instant hot faucet

Many slightly older houses do not consider the issue of using hot water other than the bathroom when running water. This leads to great regret later on.

But in fact, both KitchenAid and instant hot water faucets can provide hot water.

8, conventional faucet deformation

Many times, we are willing to spend more energy and money to look better. Of course, the faucet is no exception. The usual boring faucet can also become interesting by transforming.



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