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A bathroom like this, it makes you want to sleep in it!

Today, the Chinese trend is sweeping the bathroom as well, and Chinese elements such as wood, carvings, and window panes no longer appear only in living rooms and bedrooms. The fusion of traditional and modern elements has led to the prevalence of the new Chinese style. It is simple and clear in color, and the space layout is beautiful and generous, free from the heavy feeling brought by the traditional Chinese style in the past, it has a fresh beauty. Carving on wood is one of the famous Chinese and foreign craft, ancient people have learned to carve on wood to decorate furniture, now, designers apply this craft to the bathroom, steady atmosphere, charming incomparable sky blue and so on smoke rain ~ and I am waiting for you ~ in Jay Chou’s “Celadon Porcelain”, the cold hard Celadon porcelain seems to be transformed into a graceful girl, waiting for the return of her beloved. The lyrics of the song also depict the poetic and picturesque porcelain, the gentle gaze of the fragrance, the red lotus refining the clear bosom of the body, and the sketch of the green tire slowing the strings. The ancient Chinese court loved to be decorated with flowers and birds, both in clothes and dwellings, embodying a luxurious atmosphere, rich and auspicious, those who like this type of style may refer to the following designs. I’ve seen so many Chinese-inspired bathroom designs, isn’t it heartwarming?



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