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A blue “cocktail” flows out of the tap?

Mr. Zhang’s “blue water” from the tap. Because he was worried that “blue water” was harmful to his health, he dared not drink it rashly, and called the North Morning News reporter, hoping to help investigate whether the water was mixed with unclean things. By consulting the staff of the water affairs group and relevant professionals, the reporter learned that this phenomenon was caused by the backflow of water in the toilet tank. The reason why the water turned blue was because of the addition of the blue toilet bowl. Weird! “Blue water” appeared in the tap. The reporter came to Mr. Zhang’s house. A fresh bottle of tap water was placed on the sink, and the blue color was obvious. The reporter turned on the faucet, and the water flowing out of it once appeared light blue. The more water was put, the bluer the lighter. According to Mr. Zhang, the water stopped at home the night before and the water came in the morning. Mr. Zhang turned on the faucet as usual. However, the tap water flowing out of the faucet is a bit strange, and it looks a little different from the color in normal days. Mr. Zhang took the bowl, turned on the faucet and received a bowl of water, and found that the water turned pale blue. How the water changed color, Mr. Zhang was surprised. the reason? The backflow of water in the toilet tank changes from tap water to blue. What is going on? The reporter consulted the staff of the water affairs group, and the staff said that the blue tap water should be caused by the backflow of blue toilet water added to the toilet tank. According to relevant sources, this phenomenon is called siphoning. Many citizens now put a blue solid detergent in the toilet tank. Under normal circumstances, the water in the toilet tank will not flow into the tap water pipe. However, if the tap water pipe is opened when the water is stopped, it will The negative pressure is generated in the water pipe to form a siphon, so that the blue water soaked in the toilet cleaning agent can easily flow back into the water pipe and flow into the home or other households. Mr. Zhang’s house did not use the toilet cleaning treasure. It should be that the water in the bathroom of the neighbor’s house upstairs ran to Mr. Zhang’s house, which was the phenomenon when the water supply was restored again after the water was stopped. The reporter searched the Internet for keywords such as “toilet cleaners and tap water turned blue” and found that many cities have had incidents of toilet cleaner polluting tap water, and the media have also reported them. Ye solution? The toilet is equipped with a water stop valve It is understood that the tap water emitted by the faucet is blue and has nothing to do with the water quality itself. The main reason is that the installation of the toilet in some households is not standardized, and there is no water stop valve at the water inlet of the toilet tank. The staff of the water affairs group suggested that a water stop valve should be installed on the toilet to prevent backflow of water from the toilet into the pipeline. At the same time, the staff of the water affairs group reminded that the components of Jiebao are mostly inorganic acids, organic acids, corrosion inhibitors, etc. The acidic substances not only corrode the tank components, shorten the life of the toilet, but also pollute the water source and affect the environment , It is recommended not to be used by the public. If the tap water turns blue in the people ’s homes, you can turn on the faucet and put the blue water clean. The tap water will not cause harm to the human body.



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