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Faucet Knowledge

A good shower faucet is this way to increase happiness and comfort.

For many people, the most enjoyable time of the day is to enjoy the pleasure of bathing under the shower, and a good shower can make the happiness of this bath multiply and be powerful. Water flow is the best massage and relaxation for the body.

VIGA is responsible for your bath comfort! 255100CH descaling shower, enjoy the excitement of bathing!

1.Two ways to water out to enjoy different bathing experiences

This shower has two types of water spraying, top spray and hand holding, which can meet the needs of bath cleaning in different scenes.

Press the button to switch between two water outlet methods. The pop-up state is top spray water, and the pressed state is hand-held water outlet. The operation is convenient and convenient.

When bathing, you can switch the water discharge mode according to your needs. Every family member can find a comfortable bathing point and experience the bathing enjoyment brought by different water discharges.

The effluent is full and the water is moderate, making you unable to bathe.

2.Material and configuration

59 fine copper as the main body of the faucet, one-piece molding, durable.

The top spray / handheld uses high-quality ABS material, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and the water is even and smooth, which greatly improves the bathing experience.

The hose is made of silver gray tube, with bright silver luster and unique texture. The hose is anti-twisting and no knotting. The length is sufficient to ensure free stretching, and it is safe and explosion-proof.

The ceramic valve core has passed 10,000 high and low pressure tests. It does not burst, leaks, is environmentally friendly and healthy, and lasts longer.

The water from the bubbler is soft, the splash does not splash, does not wet clothes, is water-saving and comfortable, and is durable.

Two colors, black and chrome, present two different styles. The simple and ultra-thin line design is full of modern atmosphere. Either way, the elegant texture can make you fall in love with this feeling in the bathroom.

The faucet contains a bubbler, water and air are integrated into one body, and the effluent is rich in oxygen, which is softer. When used under high water pressure, the effluent effect is round, and no water column will be scattered outward.

The ceramic cartridge core adopts imported high-quality valve core, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and non-aging. It can be used more than 600,000 times without water leakage, and its service life is greatly extended.

Fine copper body, corrosion resistant and durable.

The chrome-plated faucet and handle are wear-resistant, not afraid of corrosion, easy to clean dirt, and permanently clean and shiny.

Buying a faucet, VIGA is a good choice.

A good shower faucet is this way to increase happiness and comfort. - Faucet Knowledge - 1




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