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A Simple and Fresh Natural New House with a Ritualistic Flat-Storey Mansion

The flat-storey in your dreams.

Artem Babayants is a Moscow-based design studio that aims to improve the form of modern life. Striving to create a modern living environment that meets all modern trends in the field of architecture and design, personalized attention to the comfort, rationality, quality and aspirations of the customers. The two cases presented here are both flat-storey improvement residential designs, where the designers greatly respect the original pattern and create a comfortable and stylish home for the owner.


Simplicity, Light Luxury

The most refreshingly natural feel of the new home

This case is located in Moscow with an area of 170 square meters. The overall style is simple and fresh. The designer used slight extravagant elements to mix and match to create a light-luxury and simple style flat-storey residence.

The TV wall is made of marble. The natural texture of the marble and the polished lines of the machinery against each other, makes a perfect combination of pure nature and meticulous carving.

The antique and old-fashioned table legs present an elegant sense of luxury. Paired with the simple shape of the fabric armchair, let the vintage and luxury become more and more subtle.

The open kitchen space adopts pure white cabinets and marbled stone, which is simple and not monotonous.

A set of wine cabinets is built into the aisle area, and the brown glass door panels are accentuated by the warm strip lighting, showing a sense of high quality.

The entrance area retains its basic function and also maximizes the aesthetic state of the presentation. A touch of greenery brings a lot of vitality.

Breaking away from conventional design concept, who says a bedroom should have complete privacy! The designer has left the best light and views to the bedroom, which is backed by large floor mounted windows, and with sunlight spilling along the bed, every night is relaxing and beautiful.

The natural knots of the floor are presented in full naturalness, and the dark green fabric curtains reveal a mysterious color.

The walk-in cloakroom retains good lighting through the isolation of the form of partition. It has both the ritual sense of the walk-in cloakroom and the good lighting of the open cloakroom, which is really the designer’s infinite ingenuity.

The master bathroom also perfectly continues the sense of nature, and the drainage area is covered with pebbles. The texture of the wall presents the original beauty.

The public bathroom has a more minimalist design with a larger wall stone size, which makes construction more difficult, but also more aesthetically pleasing due to the reduction in gaps. The embedded light strip on the wall enhances the overall atmosphere.



Elegant and light luxury

A ritualistic flat-storey mansion

This case is located in Moscow, with an area of 208 square meters. The elegant and light luxury coexisting design is extremely delicate and ingenious. The designer has fulfilled all the fantasies of the homeowners and created a dream home for them.

The key word in this case, “sense of ritual”, is the common pursuit of the demanding male host and the delicate female host.

The aisle wall has just the right amount of white space, and the inset niches make use of the small space in the corner of the wall to keep a recently read book handy, best of all.

The chandelier at the top of the dining area has a full sense of design, and champagne metal texture shows vaguely extravagant style. The small hanging cabinet above the sideboard and dark curry glass presents a premium sense of unparalleled. It is not suitable for daily storage, but can meet the full ritual of storage control.

The living room is reserved for a separate bar area, and the irregularly faceted marble bar is a showcase of good taste.

There is a corner in the public area with excellent lighting, so invite a friend for a relaxing afternoon tea.

There is also a craft area in the private area where the hostess will do her own some hobbies.

The bedside background of the master bedroom is made of wood veneer that done in line into the surface of the shape, matched with a line-shaped bedside wall lamp, which is full of ritual.

A full-sided floor mounted mirror in the cloakroom is what every girl has imagined at home in the future. The sense of ritual that the hostess wants coincides with most people’s wishes.

The master bedroom is an elegant white with brass hardware luxury in abundance.

The study space is tech-savvy, leaving a sofa for after-work naps.

The color of the children’s room is a combination of gray-green and white tones. The childlike room is what children yearn for.

The main color of the bathroom in children’s room is also a combination of white and gray-green. The design and color scheme is more in line with the needs of children.




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