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After Reading These Maintenance Tips, Bathroom Hardware Life Extended By 10 Years!

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The bathroom is more humid, but also easy to dirty place. Due to the usual use of a variety of shampoo, shower gel, water stains, and other residues on the surface of the hardware, making the bathroom hardware luster degradation, and even rust off. This directly affects the use of bathroom hardware.

Today we will talk about the maintenance of bathroom hardware, so that the service life of these hardware accessories extends 10 years!

After Reading These Maintenance Tips, Bathroom Hardware Life Extended By 10 Years! - Blog - 1

Faucet: bathroom faucet surface is easy to residual water stains, water stains dry will form a very ugly spot. Faucet on the scale, rust, etc., you just need to use a damp cloth or sponge dipped in a little special cleaner to wipe the surface, and then rinse clean with water.

Shower: In life, poor water discharge from the shower is a frequent cause. Remove the mesh cover or other parts at the shower head that attract limescale and dip the shower into a solution of 1:1 ratio of white vinegar and water. The white vinegar will easily remove the mineral deposits, clean it with a brush and then put it back in place.

Floor drains: Regular cleaning of floor drains will prevent them from reverting to odor. Remove the floor drain screen and clean the accumulated debris and hair etc. on the screen. Prepare warm water diluted with baking soda and soak the floor drain partition, screen and other accessories in the warm water.

After half an hour, take out all the accessories. Use an old toothbrush to brush the dirty areas, and then rinse with water. Sewer disinfection and deodorization, you can use soda solution or hydrogen peroxide with water to clean the sewer.

Shelf: As the usual use of a variety of shampoo shower gel and another long-term residue in the chrome surface will make the shelf surface gloss degradation and directly affect the surface quality.

Clean the surface of the shelf once a week with a soft cloth, preferably using a neutral cleaner. You can use a cotton wet rag coated with toothpaste and soap, gently wipe, and then clean with water can be.

Mirror: The mirror is located in a humid environment for a long time, resulting in blurred imaging and water stains. Before bathing, soap can be applied to the mirror. Then wipe with a dry cloth, the mirror that forms a layer of soap film can prevent the mirror blurred.

Hand dryer: Regularly clean the outside of the hand dryer dust, dirt, available dry soft towel or wet cloth wipe. The front filter (generally the back cover of the chassis) to clean 1-2 times a month is appropriate. Remove the filter, pat or blow clean with a hairdryer. You can even wash and brush with water, shake dry and then put in the panel.

Hook: Pay attention to the standard load-bearing hook, do not change the use and overweight use. Do not use alkaline water or boiling water to wash the hooks to prevent damage to the paint. Clean the surface of the product regularly with water or mild detergent. Then wipe dry with a soft towel. To keep the appearance bright and clean, do not use salt or vinegar-based cleaners.

Three-way valve: Wash away simple stains from the corner valve with water. For stains that are easy to get rid of, you can wash them with clean water. Avoid contact with strong acidic substances. Most of the corner valves are made of brass, alloy, iron, plastic, etc. Contact with strong acidic substances will cause chemical reaction and damage the corner valves.

Use mild cleaning supplies to clean the stubborn stains of the angle valve. For the more difficult to get rid of stains, you can use a mild, neutral liquid or colorless glass cleaner to clean.

Mastering some hardware maintenance tips is very important for the life of the bathroom, so you can better enjoy your home life.



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