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After the COVID-19, the overall bathroom industry will usher in four major business opportunities.

For the entire world, 2020 is a very unusual year. At the beginning of the new year, a sudden epidemic, New Crown Pneumonia, disrupted people’s normal lives, especially for the Chinese to celebrate in a peaceful festival that they were supposed to be, but they could only stay at home watching TV, playing mobile phones, and playing games.

The COVID-19 has not only affected people’s normal lives, but the resumption of production and production of many enterprises has also become a problem, which has seriously hindered the normal operation of the market and economy. For the overall bathroom industry, it also has a huge impact. Not only is it difficult for companies to resume work, but it is also very difficult for employees to return to work, and after-sales, installation, and sales are all in a state of cessation. Therefore, for most of the overall bathroom companies, 2020 is a very difficult year. However, after the epidemic, it may usher in huge business opportunities and opportunities for the overall bathroom industry:

1. After the COVID-19, the real estate market will gradually recover, and real estate developers will gradually increase the purchase of sanitary wares. Due to a sudden “new crown pneumonia”, not only has the developer shut down and stopped production, but the real estate intermediary and trading center cannot operate normally, so the real estate industry’s demand for building materials, including overall sanitary ware, has been greatly reduced.

However, with the effective prevention and control of the COVID-19 and the gradual resumption of developers, the building materials industry will also usher in huge business opportunities. Not only real estate that was not completed before the year needs to be equipped with building materials such as anti-theft doors, windows, kitchen and bathroom, and overall sanitary ware. Real estate also requires a large number of building materials products. Therefore, developers will increase procurement efforts, which is a huge business opportunity for the overall bathroom industry.

2. After the COVID-19, there will be a wave of decoration. For most people who wanted to complete the decoration around the Spring Festival, this epidemic disrupted their plans. The newly-purchased house had to be put on hold and wait until the spring blooms to decorate the “Love Nest”. Therefore, after the COVID-19, China There will be a wave of decoration, which also brings huge business opportunities to the overall bathroom industry. After all, decoration is inseparable from building materials such as anti-theft doors and locks. Since the current consumers who buy a house are mostly post-80s and 90s, their recognition and acceptance of smart home products such as overall sanitary ware is very high, so the demand for overall sanitary ware will also be further increased. With the arrival of a wave of decoration after the epidemic, the overall bathroom industry will also usher in spring.

3. After the COVID-19, some small businesses are bound to die, so this is a crisis and a business opportunity. Under the influence of New Coronary Pneumonia, the sales and production of many whole sanitary ware enterprises are at a standstill, which means that without production and sales, there is no source of funds, and the capital chain is facing a huge test. Therefore, for some small enterprises with small sales and weak product power, they will face bankruptcy and bankruptcy once the capital chain breaks down.

Therefore, as long as it has survived the COVID-19, it will be a winner for most of the overall bathroom companies. After the COVID-19 is over, there will inevitably be a lot of competitors, so this is not only a crisis but also a business opportunity for the overall sanitary ware enterprise. There is hope for staying alive and surviving.

4. After the COVID-19, the number of marriages will increase greatly, and the overall demand for sanitary ware will also increase greatly. A sudden “new crown pneumonia” outbreak not only disrupted people’s normal lives, but also caused many young people who intend to enter the marriage hall during the Spring Festival to temporarily give up their marriage. However, I believe that after the COVID-19, China will usher in a wave of young people’s marriage. With the arrival of the marriage wave, buying a house and decorating will inevitably become the choice of young couples. Therefore, the demand for building materials such as sanitary ware, kitchen and bathroom, doors and windows will also be released.

It has always been stated that although the COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the overall sanitary industry, all this is temporary. With the end of the epidemic, China’s overall sanitary industry will gradually recover, and the country has introduced relevant measures to expand domestic demand. Policy, so the task of the overall bathroom industry enterprises, distributors, and related practitioners is to eliminate all difficulties to survive, and you will see the arrival of spring.

After the COVID-19, the overall bathroom industry will usher in four major business opportunities. - Blog - 1



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