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Analysis of the advantages of stainless steel faucets

At present, 99% of faucets at home and abroad are electroplated with copper. Stainless steel faucets are only now becoming popular, which is a new trend in the market. Stainless steel faucets have the inaccessible advantage of copper faucets. Due to the difficulty of processing, the price of stainless steel faucets is a little more expensive than copper faucets. However, some classic styles have reached the same price as copper faucets, so stainless steel faucets are the future faucets Star.

Analysis of the advantages of stainless steel faucets - 未分类 - 1

Advantages of stainless steel faucet

a. The stainless steel faucet is safe and lead-free, no corrosion and exudation, no peculiar smell or turbidity, no secondary pollution to the water quality, pure and hygienic water quality, and complete sanitation and safety.

Field corrosion test data shows that the service life of stainless steel can reach 100 years, and there is almost no need for maintenance during the life cycle, which avoids the cost and trouble of faucet replacement, and has low operating costs. Realize the same life span of stainless steel faucet and building.

b. 304# stainless steel does not contain lead, does not rust, is environmentally friendly, and is hygienic. It is a worldwide consensus. Stainless steel products do not need to be electroplated. In the polishing surface treatment process, only the powder and dust generated by the polishing material should be filtered. The pollution to the air environment is very small, and there are no occupational diseases caused by stainless steel polishing.

c. It not only has sanitation and cleaning functions, but also includes health care, appreciation and entertainment functions. In terms of use functions, stainless steel faucets tend to be more humane.

Current defects of copper faucets

a. Normally, the lead content in copper and copper faucet castings is 4%-8%. If the faucet is not used for a long time, the inner wall will produce green patina, and the lead and other harmful substances in it may be released into the tap water. Drinking water that contains too much lead can cause lead poisoning.

b. The surface of the copper faucet needs to be electroplated, which causes serious environmental pollution. The copper surface treatment method is nickel-plated and chromium-plated. The surface is not resistant to acid and alkali, and cannot be cleaned with washing water and hard towels. It is inconvenient to care. The surface will gradually lose its luster and pitting during 1-2 years, and the plating layer will peel off after ** Patina.



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