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Bathroom Cabinet New Products | Rarely Seen In Pink, It Romantic Index 100%!

Ou Xiaowei Bathroom Business School 

Home is the sublimation of love.

It’s the beginning of a relationship.

When love meets firewood and oil.

And we can’t lose our romantic expectations.

 2020 New Bathroom Cabinets

European bathroom 2020 new bathroom cabinet it, inspired by the Faroe Islands, it will be the Nordic romantic fairy tale, injected into the bathroom design, to meet the romantic expectations of life one after another.

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The colorful architecture of the Faroe Islands, like a fairy tale paradise in a dream, is one of its major features. With the help of this inspiration, Opal designers use large areas of pink as the main design of its bathroom cabinet, thus igniting the romantic atmosphere of the space.

The traditional bathroom cabinet up and down as Chu River, Han boundary, the demarcation is obvious, and it bathroom cabinet, through the connection of side cabinets and floor cabinets, so that the bathroom cabinet as a whole is stronger, it is also slightly larger than the traditional bathroom cabinet.

The combination of black metal, reducing the overly sweetness brought about by a large area of pink, so that the overall not to be a small child. The combination of black and pink, giving the space a sense of atmosphere.



Bathroom Mirror


It uses a copper and silver-free mirror, which will not show black spots even after a long time of use, and the HD remains the same. The extra-wide design believes that no goddess can refuse, the larger the mirror, the more comfortable to use.

The mirror comes with a led strip of light to supplement indoor light, and a magnifying glass to assist in capturing facial details, helping the goddess complete her exquisite beauty makeup to meet a romantic and beautiful day.



Pedestal Cabinet

The countertop uses nano phoenix stone, fair color, even the stone can also achieve ceramic white gloss, with ultra-thin edge of the white ceramic washbasin, so that the whole counter top more class and advanced sense. White countertop with black matte faucet, black and white with the classic combination of long-lasting.

The sink cabinet mainly adopts drawer storage design, which can increase the storage space by more than 50%. The drawer storage best meets the needs of bathroom storage, as there are many items in the bathroom, it is more suitable to use the drawer for storage. The drawer storage is easy to use and the items inside are arranged neatly.

The drawers can be used with open cabinet, which is more convenient to access items with open design and can be used to place high frequency items. The small compartment is perfect for placing common items such as paper towels and mouthwash cups.




The new pink terrazzo pattern door panel is exquisite and dynamic, giving the space a different romantic atmosphere.

It adopts double decorative process, inside and outside the same color, the surface of the formation of the protective film, with abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-scratch, etc., not only has the value of appearance, but also has a solid inner.



Toilet Hanging Cabinet

Mid-height hanging cabinet on the side of the toilet, with an open design, specially created for toilet paper storage for toilet use, as well as temporary storage for mobile phones, magazines and other items.

The open cabinet is decorated with a black metal shelf, which is very fashionable and soft. The metal shelves are not only decorative, but also serve as protection from falling objects.

Toilet hanging cabinet door panel with black metal door frame with rainbow glass, very romantic and poetic. The rainbow glass can be said to be the home of the big net, it has its own texture, looks like a hazy beauty.

The light-transmitting but not see-through cabinet door can make the light through the glass into the cabinet, making the visual effect of the space brighter.

Toilet hanging cabinet embedded in the induction light band, just gently induction, the cabinet light band can automatically turn on. The bathroom space is small, not enough light, the strip can assist us to better find things.

Home is the place to have love.

Looking at this pink space, the mood will be instantly sweet.

It, a fairy tale from Scandinavia, interpreting love and romance for you.



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