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Bathroom Decoration, 20 CM Elevation of The Squat Pit, The Master Has Always Praised Doing This Is Really Smart!

Xiaoxin   Bathroom Headline

The bathroom with a squat toilet, which is commonly known as a squat pit, if you use it instead of a toilet, in addition to saving some space, but also so that the toilet is healthier than the toilet. In the installation of the squat pit, the height should be properly grasped, the height of the elevated squat pit has many benefits.

Now many people in the bathroom renovation will choose to install a toilet, we feel more convenient to use the toilet. And my home for bathroom renovation, my wife suggested installing a squat pit, that squat pit is more conducive to health than the toilet. Therefore, my family in the bathroom renovation, bathroom renovation on the installation of squatting pits.

The advantages of squatting pit elevation
However, when I installed the squat pit, I found a problem, that is, there is a bulge of more than 10 centimeters below the squat pit with water storage bend, so that if I take a bath, the water will splash around, if the drainage is unreasonable and the water cannot be drained out through the floor drain, it will flow directly into the squat pit and affect the normal life.

And smart wife suggested to build a high platform in the installation of squat part of the squat, the squat elevated 20 cm, so that the squat below the water storage bend to hide, my wife said that this can not only speed up the drainage and will not groove in the ground and affect the stability of the bathroom floor, and after the ground elevated bath can also reduce the shower water splash to the above, cleaning is also a lot more convenient.

Squat pit after the elevation of the drainage speed will become faster, after the use of squatting when the rinse effect is more thorough, and squatting after the elevation of the bathroom floor cleaning work is also more useful. The decorator saw his wife’s request for a squatting pit, even praised this time to meet the insiders.

Squat toilet installation size by the bathroom pit distance influence

When choosing a squat toilet, the bathroom must be left with a squat pit. I’m sure every one of you understand what pit pitch is. Pit distance is the center of the squat toilet drainage pipe from the bathroom wall distance size. So before buying a squat toilet, we must figure out the size of the squat toilet location, the size of the pit pitch and the size of the location of the water. So that you can buy the squat toilet in line with the size of the installation. To ensure that the squat toilet can be installed smoothly to the bathroom, to facilitate people’s daily life. Squat toilet installation size is also generally fixed, there are just a few different sizes on the market, mainly 520x420x220, 520x420x280, 580x450x270, 520x420x190, 535x430x240, 535x430x190 these options.

Squat toilet installation size notes

Not that you understand the different specifications of the squat toilet installation size can go to buy, consumers also have to pay attention to some small details, such as the water inlet to the bathroom wall distance must not be less than sixty centimeters, each part of the adobe thickness in more than six millimeters, squat toilet back position to the wall position in sixty centimeters best, because if the distance, people flush the toilet to a bit of effort. After reading these with an introduction to the squat toilet installation size notes, should help you operate the installation.

Squat toilet installation size of the installation requirements

If the homeowners can read the steps and requirements of squat toilet installation themselves, they can do it themselves. Strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manual to install, each step should be reasonable, tight, so that the whole installation process will be correct, rest assured. After the installation of all the procedures, to first open the water pipe to try to see if there is any leakage phenomenon, if not, the squat toilet and the ground tile connection using glass seal, play a fixed role. Let it dry twenty-four hours later, you can use it normally.

We can follow the above-mentioned method of installing a squat pit. Toilet with a squat pit is actually healthier than using a toilet.However, the installation of the toilet or squatting pit will also be considered according to family circumstances. If there are elderly people in the family, the toilet is more convenient.



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