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Cabinet accessories purchase: faucet chooses water saving

Even if the frequency of cooking at home is not high, the probability of using the faucet and sink in the kitchen is not low. Therefore, compared with other accessories, the faucet and sink of the cabinet wear more. Therefore, when buying faucets and sinks, there are some tips to understand, which not only saves energy and water, but also makes the faucets and sinks that you buy home have a longer service life.

Choosing a leader: quality and energy saving are equally important

The kitchen is a big place for home water consumption. Especially now that more and more people are worried about the problem of pesticide residues. Both vegetables and fruits have to be soaked several times before they can be eaten, which leads to an increase in kitchen water consumption. Therefore, when buying a kitchen faucet, water saving is an issue that has to be considered. In addition to ordinary faucets, there are special water-saving faucets on the market, which save about 30%-40% of water compared to ordinary faucets. The water-saving faucet is mainly to install a bubbler in the faucet to inject air into the water. This slows down the flow of water and reduces the amount of flushing when flushing, which saves energy. This faucet also has the function of spraying, avoiding the problem of splashing the vegetable washing water every time.

Another key factor when choosing a kitchen faucet is the problem of water leakage. Due to the high frequency of opening and closing of the kitchen faucet, if the quality is too poor, water leakage and dripping will occur soon after use, causing waste. The key to leak-proof faucet is the valve core. It is generally believed that the ceramic valve core is the more advanced valve core technology. Compared with the ordinary valve core, it has the functions of strong wear resistance and good sealing performance, and its anti-leakage performance is also better. It is recommended that the best choice of ceramic valve core faucet. In addition, when purchasing a faucet, you must personally test whether the opening and closing of the switch is smooth, and see whether the electroplating layer on the surface of the faucet is smooth or not. These are the key factors for judging whether the faucet is good or bad.

Choosing a sink: the design of the outlet is very important

At present, most kitchen sinks are made of 304 stainless steel. The basin is sturdy and durable, so there is basically no need to worry about service life. The key is the draining device of the sink. When many families habitually wash vegetables and dishes, they directly let the residue flow out of the drain of the sink. Long-term development of this habit can easily lead to problems such as clogged drains, leaking water pipes, and smelly drains.

Therefore, consider the design of the outlet of the sink when purchasing a sink. For example, a solid waste storage basket with a sink at the mouth of the sink can be used to store the washed solid waste, and the waste in the storage basket can be emptied every time the sink is used, which can prevent excessive solid waste from entering the sewer and causing blockage. Nowadays, more and more households will install food waste disposers, which can break solid waste directly, even if it is flushed from the water pipe, it will not cause blockage.

In addition, the quality of the sewer pipes is also a key concern when purchasing a sink. If the quality of the water pipe is too poor, the long-term corrosion of food residues will easily lead to problems such as water leakage and odor. Therefore, when choosing sewer PVC water pipes, we must also pay attention to product quality.

The above faucet and sink purchasing skills must be kept in mind, and it is best to choose a regular store and brand when buying.



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