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Can the touch screen faucet continue in the sanitary ware industry?

With Jobs pressing the touch screen and IOS system on the Apple mobile phone, Apple cleanly destroyed the original mobile phone industry hegemon-Finland’s Nokia, and opened the era of mobile phone touch screens. At the same time, touch screens have penetrated into human life. Tablet computers, touch screen TVs… even Microsoft’s new WINDOWS8 has to follow the trend of the times and support touch screen functions. At present, there is a touch screen faucet in the sanitary ware market. The biggest advantage of this faucet is that it allows people to avoid exposure to too many bacteria, but uses a tablet phone style to open and close the faucet. However, whether this touch-screen faucet can continue the concept of “touch-screen” in the bathroom industry remains to be verified.

The touch screen faucet adopts the style of a tablet phone. From the perspective of technology and its design philosophy, it is indeed an innovation in the field of technology faucets. However, from the perspective of actual market conditions and practicality, it seems that we cannot get a tangible effect.

Under the current trend of obvious economic downturn, such high-tech faucets are certainly not affordable for mass consumers, and mass consumers will not buy such faucets. Because this kind of antibacterial faucet is not needed in the family, after all, the family is not a supply place, unlike office buildings, subways and other occasions where the faucets are touched by many people and cause cross-infection of bacteria. Therefore, this type of faucet should be used more in public places, high-end hotels, clubs and the like. However, in public places, this kind of faucet may not be able to effectively extend the market, because the faucet in public places is generally an induction faucet, which can not only directly avoid long-term bacterial infections but also save a lot of water. Therefore, from a practical point of view, the scope of application of this type of faucet is not only limited but also not supported by the broad consumer market.

How about its antibacterial properties? Although we don’t need to touch to be dumbfounded, we still need our hands to gently touch the touch location. If this location has been touched by many people in public, this will not cause cross infection. It’s just that the contact area is much smaller than that of the direct use of the faucet. Therefore, from the antibacterial aspect, the effect is not very obvious, and the induction faucet must have the absolute upper hand.

However, this type of touch-screen faucet is also a high-tech type, which can make sanitary ware companies on the market get a kind of thinking-based inspiration. With this inspiration, you can design more to meet people’s convenience, safety, health, etc. Therefore, this new type of faucet has a good slingshot effect. At the same time, it also tells us that we focus on the practicality of products, and don’t go too far to chase high-tech or biological concepts, or else the effort is spent but can’t attract mass consumers. Isn’t this kind of investment in vain Some companies may say that they are preparing for the future, but the market is changing and the people are also changing. The future direction is not what we can predict.



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