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Classic bar sink needs a gentleman’s touch

Classic bar sink needs a gentleman’s touch

Hi Ed: I’m building and designing my own classic-style wooden bar. I want to show off my sink by installing it on the bar top, not hidden underneath. With your experience, can you please recommend a classic faucet style for me to install?

— Tom, Wisconsin

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Dear Tom: Home bar sinks and faucets are my favorite category. Decades ago there were not that many bar sink faucets available, but today there are lots of exciting styles and finishes to choose from. There’s pull-down spray types, single-handle, double-handle, even bar sink faucets that can perfectly match with your larger kitchen sink faucet.

But my favorite style is commonly called a gentleman’s bar sink faucet.

A gentleman’s faucet is inspired by the old-time soda fountain spigots. And since it’s a classic style, it can be a perfect match with any classic bar. This faucet is a tall and sturdy deck-mount faucet, with a single handle located at the crest of the faucet spout bend.

So if you’re asking this gentleman, I’ll politely tell you to go with a gentleman’s bar sink faucet.

 Dear Ed: Currently my family and I are home all day and using the main bathroom more than ever. Because of the frequent flushing of our old toilet I can see my water bills adding up. What type of new toilet can I install to save water?

— Ted, Ohio

Dear Ted: High-efficiency toilets or HETs use less than 1.3 gallons per flush. Installing a new HET in place of a standard or older toilet can save water, especially in a high traffic bathroom.

To help you choose a HET, the EPA has a popular program called Water Sense. An HET that earns the Water Sense label has been tested for both performance and efficiency.

Don’t forget, aside from water-saving concerns, other features you may want to add to a heavy-use toilet can include an anti-slam seat, comfort height for special needs users and a smooth outside skirted bowl for easier cleaning.

Bottom line: A high-efficiency toilet with heavy-use features can help you get a lid on all your toilet issues.




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