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Cracked toilet is not a quality problem!

Many owners will find that the toilet will have a variety of problems after using the toilet for a period of time, such as slow water filling of the toilet tank, cracks at the foot of the base, the toilet cannot be close to the wall after installation, and the toilet wash surface Yellow rust, cracked toilet, etc. But in fact, this kind of problem is often not the fault of toilet quality, but the fault of various improper use or objective environment. Today I will come to analyze it with you. First, the toilet frost crack First, let’s take a look at the toilet frost crack mentioned above. If the toilet tank or chassis is cracked, or the entire site falls off, it may be related to environmental factors. For example, it is too cold in winter, the indoor temperature is below 0 degrees, the water stored in the toilet tank freezes, and the volume of ice may expand to the cracked tank. If the owner does not use the toilet for a long time, and the water flow in the water tank does not flow for a long time, icing can easily cause the water tank to crack. Anti-freezing trick: In winter, to prevent damage to the toilet due to freezing, please drain off the remaining water when not in use. The method and steps for draining are as follows: 1. Close the water inlet valve; 2. Remove the drain bolt after loosening; 3. Tighten the drain bolt after the remaining water is drained, otherwise it will cause water leakage. There will be accumulated water at the toilet’s backwater bend, and the sponge water can be used to suck out the accumulated water to prevent the toilet from freezing and cracking for a long time. In addition to drainage, pouring antifreeze in the water tank, or mixing alcohol and salt in the water can reduce the freezing point of the water, and can also effectively prevent freezing. 2. Slow water filling in the toilet tank If the water filling in the toilet tank is slow, first check the water pressure. If the water pressure is too small, it is a water supply problem and has nothing to do with the quality of the toilet. If the water pressure is normal, please check whether the inlet valve in the water tank is blocked by debris. If yes, please remove the debris. 3. Cracks at the base of the toilet seat After a period of installation, cracks appear at the base of the base and will expand. This is due to the fact that the base cavity is filled with cement during installation, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the toilet. Cement will absorb water and swell to crack the toilet. The correct installation method is: use one-piece toilet with flange, separate with anchor screw, or use silicone to fix the toilet chassis. 4. After the toilet is installed, it can’t close the wall. After the toilet is installed, it can’t close the wall. This is related to the choice of toilet drainage distance and the distance of the reserved sewage pipe from the wall, and has nothing to do with the quality of the toilet. The common specifications of the drainage distance of toilet sewage are 210mm, 305mm and 400mm. Under normal circumstances, the installation size is allowed to be 190-210mm, 285-305mm, 380-400mm, that is, the back of the toilet, the gap from the wall is 20mm. When purchasing, users should choose the toilet size according to the actual distance from the wall of the sewage pipe reserved at home, and compare it with the allowed installation size. If the distance between the sewage pipe and the wall has been fixed and is not standardized, if there is no suitable drainage distance toilet, you can purchase another shifter to adjust. The shifter can generally increase or decrease the maximum center distance of about 100mm. Fifth, the partial rust yellowing of the toilet washing surface will last for a long time, and the local rust yellowing phenomenon of the toilet washing surface is prone to occur. Part of the rust on the surface of the toilet bowl is yellow, which has a great impact on the appearance, it is not comfortable to use, and it is tired to clean. When this happens, the owner usually thinks that there is a problem with the toilet. In fact, it is a water quality problem, which has nothing to do with the toilet quality. Due to the water quality, the toilet will have yellow dirt on the surface after long time use. At this time, you can scrub with detergent, and then rinse with water. For more information on faucet prices, please pay attention to China Faucet Industry Network: http://vigafaucet.com/



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