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Eight tips to let you know why high quality showers mixer are more expensive than inferior showers mixer.

Now many bathroom consumers don’t understand why they use the same shower faucet. Why are some shower mixer more expensive than others? It’s not the same shower mixer. This is the difference between good quality and poor quality. The next eight tips take you why premium shower mixer are more expensive than inferior ones.

01 The appearance is different
Generally speaking, the better the quality of the shower mixer design, the more particular, the details will take into account the needs of users. From the appearance point of view, the quality of the shower is mostly beautiful, the thickness is moderate and reasonable, the interface of each place is more detailed, there will be no cracks. The poor quality may look slightly thinner from the surface, the appearance is poorer, the processing at the interface is not very complete, and sometimes there is a gap condition.

02 Material is different
Some showers are made of plastic or cast iron. Plastic showers may contain a lot of waste and will not last long. Of course, some hand-held showers use plexiglass ABS and other materials are still very good. However, it is not recommended that you choose a shower made of cast iron, which is easy to rust. Many people who chose this kind of shower mixer were very sorry, because it didn’t take long to rust. It was ugly, and they blocked the water outlet and broke the whole shower. The current better material is a pure copper shower.

03 The weight is different
High-quality showers mixer are made of metal, so the weight is generally heavier. Some of the inferior showers on the market are relatively light in weight due to cut corners during the production process.

04 The design of the shower body is different
The main design of the high-quality shower mixer is generally adhered to the quality concept of “small size, better material, and perfect details”. Therefore, there will be clear requirements on the length, width and height of the main body, the ratio is reasonable, and it is durable. However, some inferior materials tend to streamline the materials in production, so that the ratio of length to width is obviously out of balance, and the time of use is relatively short.

05 Spool design is different
We all know that a good shower mixer, the spool is very important, its quality is related to the life of the shower, so be sure to pay attention to the choice of the spool when purchasing. At present, the high-quality shower is generally a 26-segment water-discharging valve core. This valve core is convenient to use, has a good water spray rate, and has a long service life, and has no harm to the human body. Nowadays, some inferior showers on the market use 24 three-speed water-distributing valve cores. This kind of valve core has been eliminated, and its usage is worse than that of the 26-third water distribution.

06 The main body of the faucet is different
The high-quality shower mixer is also not sloppy in the design of the main body of the faucet. Its main body is generally wide, so that it can meet the standards of high pressure resistance and explosion-proof, which guarantees our safety during use. In addition, the generally good quality shower flow is relatively large. The general thickness of the inferior quality is not enough, and this effect is not achieved.

07 The discharge pipe is different
The design and material selection of the lowering water pipe is also more important for the shower. The quality is superior and the thickening design is adopted. The design is generally more beautiful, and the thickness of the pipe diameter is mostly about 28mm. However, most of the poor quality is not up to this standard. Compared with high-quality products, its manufacturing process is relatively simple, and the copper tube is curved and not thick enough.

08 The tube wall is different
For the shower mixer, the thickness of the tube wall of the copper tube is also a feature that distinguishes the quality of the shower. Generally high quality showers, the wall thickness of the copper tube can reach 2.5mm, which guarantees the water output and durability to the greatest extent. And some of the lesser quality, the thickness of the copper tube is only 0.8mm, the durability is much worse.

Eight tips to let you know why high quality showers mixer are more expensive than inferior showers mixer. - Faucet Knowledge - 1



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