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Faucet Manufacturing Raw Materials


Faucet is the common name of the water tap, faucet first appeared in the 16th century, it was basiclly bronze casting, the main role is to control the waterflow. The early faucets are spiral lift type, now it is mainly selling ceramic cartridge faucet in market, spiral lift type is basically eliminated.

The main materials used to make faucets are  iron, plastic, brass, ceramic, glass, jade, crystal, stainless steel, alloy material faucets, etc. Cast iron faucets have been eliminated for long time, some low-end faucets with plastic, some special faucets will use stainless steel and other materials old manufacturing, there are also some low-grade faucets with brass as the body, zinc alloy as the handle, now the market for faucets are basically made of brass. High-grade bathroom brand faucet brass is generally using H59, H62, H65 low lead copper, lead content is below 2.5%, in line with the provisions of the national GB\T1176, not harmful to the human body. Copper is predominantly copper precipitate and copper rods, with a small amount of copper pipe also used. The state of California passed AB1953, which states that faucets cannot contain lead, and as of 2014, no faucet products containing lead can be sold throughout the United States, so mainstream brands and manufacturers are developing faucets made of lead-free copper (such as bismuth brass) and stainless steel.
The faucet is composed of the main body, valve, handle, filter, spout, installation components, etc. Some faucets also have check valves, aerator, fixing screws, fixing copper plates, gaskets, curved corners, hoses, through gauges, stop gauges, etc. Different faucets may differ somewhat. The core part of the faucet is the cartridge, it is also called the heart of a faucet. The quality of the cartridge determines the functional reliability and service life of the tap. Faucet cartridge is divided into rubber cartridge, roller cartridge, ceramic cartridge and stainless steel ball cartridge according to the material, and according to the function of using manual cartridge, constant temperature spool and magnetic induction cartridge.



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