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Folding bathtub allows you to “bath” as you like in winter!

Recently, everyone sighed, “You are flying in the snow in the southern sun, and I am raging in the wind in the cold night in the north.” At this time, if you can take a warm bath in the big bathtub, it is absolutely beautiful. Recently at the 2016 Cologne exhibition, a collapsible bathtub called xtend brought by German designer Carina Deuschl stood out among many exhibits. This bathtub is made of carbon fiber material, which is cut using high-pressure water jet technology, and the interior is filled with machine washable fabric. After folding, the weight is only 7kg and the thickness is 8.5cm. This bathtub combines design sense, functionality and comfort, and when unfolded, it can also bring a unique and refreshing bathing experience. The components used to assemble the bathtub, including the water inlet, the bracket and the filled fabric, can be compressed into a plate-shaped bag, which is convenient to carry and store, and is also very convenient to assemble. The color is selected from black and white with strong contrast, and the white fillers inside are made of synthetic high-performance materials to form a 3-layer structure. This bathtub is waterproof, lightweight, durable, and soft. When filled with water, the surface of the material will become very smooth. You can enjoy it wherever there is a water pipe joint. After use, just drain the water through the water pump system.



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