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Four things to look out for when selecting a faucet

When purchasing a faucet, look for the following.

1, confirm the purchase of the main column basin, counter basin, under the table basin are a few holes, do not worry about the distance between the holes, are uniform size;

2、Confirm with the dealer whether the brand faucet installed in the German imports of ceramic raft core. In the phase of its appearance, pay attention to its surface finish, to touch whether there are burrs, to see if there is trachoma, cracks, oxidation spots, etc.; Then the faucet handle up and down left and right gently moving, such as flexible not loose, no heavy feeling can be bought;

3, after bargaining, for two or three hundred yuan of faucet to be especially careful, because the ceramic valve core may be made in China, this kind of faucet generally in 2-3 months after the use of the handle will appear loose or even dripping phenomenon. So it is still recommended to buy a good one, so as to avoid future trouble;

4、Confirm whether there is a supporting water to go (and faucet separate another part), good faucet are generally equipped with supporting free water to go. In addition, there is a protective net that blocks sand and stones in the water, which is also used to protect the ceramic valve core of the faucet from being damaged by sand and stones and prolong its mission life.

The faucet body is generally cast from brass, and the surface is chromed after grinding and polishing. The plating of the faucet body can generally pass the neutral salt spray test, no rust within the specified time limit, and the plating should be guaranteed not to peel off throughout its lifetime.

Q:The faucet in the market is several hundred to several thousand yuan, why is the price difference so big?

A: The faucet sold on the market now are basically ceramic spool, the key price difference is the faucet is installed in Germany imported ceramic spool or domestic ceramic spool, due to the two kinds of ceramic spool materials and parts processing precision is different, directly related to the service life of the faucet.

Faucet equipped with imported German ceramic spool of high processing precision can ensure lifelong no leakage, open up the life of hundreds of thousands of times, such as not barbaric use of its life should be more than 10 years. And some of the size with the precision is not high, the low-grade faucet made of crude ceramic spool (two or three hundred yuan), generally in the use of 2-3 months after the handle will appear loose phenomenon.

Q: Which type of faucet can ensure that there is no water and alkali mark on the faucet during the use?

A: Pure copper material faucet will not appear alkali!

Q: The bathroom with undermount basin or on the counter basin good? With what kind of faucet?

A: Under the table basin is good, beautiful, but also easy to clean. With undermount basin faucet to consider the thickness of the side of the basin, faucet spout should be longer.

Q: How to choose the faucet in the kitchen?

A: Kitchen ** better choose a long-handle faucet, because of its long arm, the switch is very effortless, and in the hands when cooking there will often be oil, detergent, etc., sometimes also holding the bowl to be rinsed, so that, with the back of the hand or wrist lightly lifting the long handle switch faucet is very convenient.

Q: Do I have to buy the faucet and basin and sink before I install the plumbing?

A: No, just make sure where is the basin faucet, bathtub faucet, washing machine faucet on the line, 99% of the faucet are in line with international norms.

If you make your own basin cabinet, the basin needs to be bought in advance. The sink needs to be sized before the measuring table.

Q: We bought a new faucet, why does the water suddenly become smaller after using it for a period of time?

A: To stay for a period of time after the faucet water suddenly becomes smaller, such as can exclude the water pressure is not enough, then the reason is very simple – water pipe with sand and other debris, was faucet in the filter intercepted caused by blockage! The elimination method is as follows.

1, the faucet outlet unscrewed to check and clean up, after the installation of the water to see if the recovery;

2, check the faucet and hose connection, some faucet to prevent into the sand loaded filter, due to intercept a lot of debris caused by blockage;

3, the filter in the pool gently knocking a few, sand and other impurities will naturally fall, flushed as it was installed;

4, **don’t buckle it with your hands! This will put the sand press into the filter stuck! And don’t put the rubber pad washed away.



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