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French Exhibition BATIMAT 2019 officially invites you to participate.

Batimat-French Building Materials Exhibition Since its establishment in 1959, its scale has expanded and its influence has spread to the whole world. It has now developed into the world’s most famous building materials and equipment exhibition. Ideobain-French sanitary ware exhibition is a professional sanitary ware exhibition in France. After ten years of development, it has developed into the highest-end industry exhibition in France. nterclima+elec-French HVAC, air-conditioning and refrigeration exhibition is the world’s heating, cooling, air-conditioning and One of the largest and most influential professional exhibitions in the field of intelligent buildings. Its popularity is at the same level as other European peers such as Frankfurt ISH and Milan MCE. It has a strong appeal in the industry, with high reputation and far-reaching influence. In order to gather more people in the industry, these three exhibitions were strong in 2013 and were held for the first time in Villeurbanne, the northern suburb of France’s largest exhibition center. After three successful exhibitions, the industry has achieved great repercussions. In 2017, 2,362 exhibitors were attracted, and about 320,000 professional visitors attended. Among them, only the building materials exhibition attracted more than 274,000 viewers, and more than 70% of the audience participated in two of the exhibitions, and the response to the three exhibitions was enthusiastic.

【Exhibition advantage】
Paris International Architecture Exhibition BATIMAT is hosted by Reed Exhibitions and is held every two years. It has been successfully held for 29 sessions since its inception in 1959.

During the same period of the third exhibition: the Inter Paris International Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, New Energy and Home Electrical Exhibition (Interclima+elec) and the Paris International Bathroom Exhibition (Idéo bain) will be held together to bring together the entire building sector. Concurrently held the largest construction industry event in the world. Good platform: The 2019 exhibition is oriented to the world with new booth categories, and strives to meet the needs of the construction and construction industry in a difficult economic context, for exhibitors, whether large companies or small companies, startups or families. Enterprises bring more audiences and stimulate business development. This global event brings a new business opportunity to various industries in France and around the world, to cater to the different business and marketing strategies of each company. Attractive: The show also offers a new presentation method: targeting VIP buyers and/or audiences, attracting more customers and/or potential customers with minimal investment and overall solutions for cost-effective display The program increases product exposure, overcomes economic crises and solutions to stimulate economic growth, and offers more opportunities for trading.

【Range of exhibition】
Batimat-French Building Exhibition

Main engineering area: roof trusses, structural members, roofs, waterproof materials, thermal insulation materials, main structural materials and structural components, water treatment systems, drainage systems

Doors, windows and hardware: doors and windows, wooden doors and windows, metal doors and windows, plastic doors and windows, composite doors and windows, door and window locking opening system, sunshade and its automatic opening equipment, door and window sealing materials, door and window hardware, door locks, glass products, iron products

Decoration: home improvement floor decoration materials, tiles, marble, granite, other stone slabs, wooden panels, wooden floors, partition materials, paints, fireplaces and chimneys, kitchen decoration, lighting, decorative materials, swimming pool decoration and equipment , open-air furniture and facilities, outdoor sports and recreational facilities

Construction equipment: wood processing equipment, metal processing equipment, plastic processing equipment, construction machinery, tools, site safety and protective equipment and supplies, various special vehicles used in construction sites.

Ideobain French Bathroom Show:

All kinds of sanitary ware, toilets, basins, bathtubs, shower rooms, shower heads, faucets and accessories, bathroom lighting, mirrors, bathroom hardware accessories, etc.

Interclima+elec French HVAC, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Show:

Air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, heating, compression, pump valves, heat exchange, recovery systems, solar energy, energy storage, fans, controls, fluid heating, piping, evaporative cooling, heat storage, ice machines, refrigerants, radiators .

Of course, such a grand French exhibition, VIGA will also participate in the BATIMAT in 2019. We hope to meet you at the show and have a good memory with you at the show.

French  Exhibition BATIMAT 2019 officially invites you to participate. - Blog - 1

Our Booth:HALL3-B087

Date:November 04-08th ,2019

Add:The Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition center,French.

Contact :Gloria Kuang


Warmly welcome to visit VIGA company at BATIMAT 2019.

We are waitting for your coming.

French  Exhibition BATIMAT 2019 officially invites you to participate. - Blog - 2



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