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High-regard bath living makes your bathroom hangings stand out

Bathroom pendants are a thousand pieces, pure copper construction, mass production, coupled with low prices, it is difficult to attract attention. But the illusion is mostly of our own making, wanting to carry the crown must bear its weight, wanting to enjoy a high quality bath life, then for home design you must be mindful of everything. Xiao Xiao mainly brings you several creative bathroom pendant, inspired by life, the basic do-it-yourself pendant, the effect is good! Paper tube holder solid wood paper tube holder, the material is natural in nature, a few small stones and a small calendar slightly arranged, the mood to go to the toilet is beautiful. Simple loop hanging, orange thread binding, simplicity is paramount, full of freshness. Wooden shelf with circle, small and exquisite, is a small fortune in life. Honeycomb type shelf, visual aesthetics stand out, multi-functional and practical, can effectively use the space. Towel rack with tenon and tenon wood, can meet the clothes hanging and putting, plain wood design sweeping the bland circle towel rack, high quality of life texture. For more faucet price information or faucet wholesale to join please focus on China faucet industry website: http://vigafaucet.com/



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