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High school girl wins international award for faucet!

One time when washing hands was scalded, so Laoshan a middle school student Wang Ning thought of making the faucet can show the temperature, under the guidance of the teacher, she invented the “controlled water flow, show warm faucet”, and obtained a national utility model patent. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Laoshan a middle school, recently, senior Wang Ning’s invention has just won the Stockholm Youth Water Awards China regional selection “water technology invention category” third prize. This Laoshan girl is not simple.” “Our school has had an experimental research-based learning class since 2003, where all children take a semester-long research-based learning course and submit an idea sheet every week. “Yesterday morning, reporters rushed to Laoshan One Middle School, the school’s head of science and technology innovation education Xing Xuemei told reporters. Xing Xuemei introduced, since 2003, Laoshan a series of children after the professional teacher’s guidance brainstorming, many of them have some whimsical ideas. Later, Xing Xuemei also edited three books of Shandong Province’s common teaching materials “Science and Technology Project Design”, making the curriculum exploration to standardize and systematize. “When freshmen arrive on campus, they take our brainstorming classes, and when everyone collides with each other’s ideas, it sparks innovation. “Xing Xuemei said that over the past 13 years, the students of Laoshan One Middle School have been awarded 67 utility model patents and one national invention patent, this time the award Wang Ning is one of the representatives. “Just as Xing Xue Mei’s words dropped, Wang Ning rushed over after class, led by his instructor, Lan Wenping. Wang Ning told reporters that she graduated from Laoshan Three High School in 2014 and went to Laoshan One High School. Going to the school’s research lab class, it felt like the perspective on things had changed a lot. “In November 2014, I once washed my hands, just started out of the cool water, after some time out of the hot water scalded my hands, I thought if I could put a thermometer on the faucet would be good, do not waste water, and will not burn my hands. “Wang Ning drew a creative diagram of this idea and submitted it as an assignment. The instructor, Lan Wenping, saw the idea and thought it was a novelty and gave the idea a “Grade A” rating. After 5 months of repeated revisions to obtain the patent at first Wang Ning’s idea was just a tap plus thermometer, just a rough idea. After Xing Xuemei and Lan Wenping teacher’s pointers, Wang Ning further refined the scheme, she thought of heating the faucet on the basis of the realization of the faucet with a display temperature function, through the addition of a water flow control valve, temperature sensor and display screen, you can achieve the control of the water flow and display temperature, “when used, turn on the heating switch, and then the temperature will also be displayed, when the appropriate temperature, you can turn off the heating switch, open the faucet, so that you can not waste water and not hot hands. “After thinking of the “controlled water flow, show temperature faucet”, Wang Ning was out of control. When threading a needle and thread for her grandmother, she saw that her 70-year-old grandmother could not see the eye of the needle, so she thought of designing an adjustable needle size sewing needles, specifically for the elderly; in a fruit wash, Wang Ning wanted to control the water in the fruit plate, as a result, the plate was crooked, the water and fruit spilled out of it. She then thought that if she added a protective ring to the fruit plate, in a teapot-like shape, she wouldn’t be afraid to lose the fruit. “Wang Ning was able to come up with three novel ideas at once, which is not uncommon among his peers. Later, the patent company’s technical staff thought the ideas were good during the initial examination, and we finally chose together to let the new faucet to file a national utility model patent. “It’s not a big deal,” Xing Xuemei said. In April 2015, Wang Ning applied for a national utility model patent and obtained a patent certificate in September of the same year. This year, Laoshan First High School recommended Wang Ning to participate in the 14th “Salemer” Cup National Water Science and Technology Invention Competition for Secondary School Students and the Stockholm Youth Water Award China Regional Finalists. Wang Ning’s invention stood out among more than 500 outstanding entries selected and recommended by 19 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, winning the third prize in the “Water Science and Technology Invention Category” and the second prize in the “Water Science and Technology Invention Category” in the 2016 Qingdao Secondary School Students’ Yesterday, Huang Jie, principal of Laoshan First Middle School, told reporters that the Stockholm Youth Water Prize is part of the world famous “Stockholm Water Prize”. As one of the major international environmental awards, it is awarded to young students who have made outstanding contributions to research in the field of water environment and is known as the “World Youth Nobel Prize in Water Technology”.



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