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High standard requirement: NSF International

Millions of consumer products, commercial and industrial products are printed with the NSF logo every year, and have been trusted by consumers, insiders and manufacturing units for many years. The purpose of NSF is to formulate and implement management plans for public health and service, research and educational environments. As a reliable neutral organization, NSF provides services for the government, industry and consumers to solve public health and environmental issues. NSF’s technical resources include testing equipment and analytical chemical and microbiology laboratories. NSF professionals include engineers, chemists, toxicologists, public health scientists, and computer scientists with extensive experience in public health, food safety, water quality, and environment. The certification issued by NSF is adopted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Canadian Standards Council (SCC) as the national standards.

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NSF, as a neutral third-party, has been approved and certified by 13 national or industry authoritative organizations, including the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Canadian National Standards Council, as a neutral third party. NSF is the designated cooperation center of the World Health Organization (WHO) in food safety and drinking water safety and treatment. Products that have been tested by NSF and meet NSF standards are authorized to use the NSF logo, so any product that is authorized to bear the NSF logo means that the product has been confirmed in the following aspects:

1. The ability to remove impurities marked in the product manual can be achieved;

2. The materials that make up the product will not add polluting ingredients to the water during the treatment process;

3. Meet the design and production process requirements;

4. The product does not have structural and functional defects;

5. The certification standards shown in the product advertisements, sample materials and logos are true and accurate.

The NSF certification system is of great significance to people in the industry, consumers and manufacturing units. NSF, a credible, objective and independent third-party monitoring organization unanimously recognized by the public and the government, has tested and verified that the certified products comply with specific standards, which means that the products with the logo have been rigorously tested and are available to consumers. Guaranteed. All units participating in the NSF certification system must undergo testing, re-testing and a third-party inspection / audit. The manufacturing unit must produce products in accordance with published standards. Standards include product manufacturing related standards, materials, design, process flow and other aspects.

At the same time, NSF mandates that if a company wants to print the NSF logo on its products, it must comply with the strict requirements of NSF certification and authorization. These requirements include initial and periodic testing and evaluation, and even surprise inspections. If it is found that the logo is misused, or the product does not comply with the requirements, NSF may take the seizure and seal of the product and inventory goods, or even destroy the unqualified product, add it to the blacklist, and take recalls, legal actions, public notification, and cancellation of certification Qualifications or other severe actions. NSF represents the interests of all parties, will regulate the behavior of people in the industry, consumers and manufacturing units, supervise the implementation of policies and the authority of certification.

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