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How is the wardrobe cleaned and maintained?

1、When there is dust on the surface of the wardrobe, you should use a hair duster or soft cloth to remove dust, if the surface has a stain, you should use sand wax rubbing to remove. Regular maintenance of oil wax for finishes, if available. Hardware parts wipe with a dry soft cloth, do not clean with chemical detergent or acidic liquid, found that the surface is difficult to remove the black spots, can be wiped with a little kerosene. 2, try to avoid damage or scratch the wardrobe surface, if the surface of minor scratches and bruises, can be coated with a cloth dipped in soot and lemon juice or a mixture of sand oil, dry wax can be; if the scratch deeper bruises more serious, you need to reconcile the same color paint patch color. 3, regular inspection of the connection, found loose and timely fastening, and inject a small amount of lubricant. If the failure caused by disassembly, combination should be notified to the store in a timely manner to assist in processing.4, should often keep the door of the cabinet clean, the track can not have debris, dust, to prevent heavy objects and sharp objects hit the track. Wipe the cabinet body and doors with a semi-damp rag when cleaning, do not use corrosive cleaners. The dust of the track can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a small brush, and metal parts such as cabinet shelves and tie rods are wiped with a dry cloth. For more information on tap prices, please follow China Tap Industry Website:



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