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How to choose good bathroom accessories

The renovation of this matter, until the last minute should never be taken lightly. I believe that many people have heard that the decoration industry has a saying called “gold kitchen and silver bathroom”, the kitchen and bathroom decoration is good or bad, to a large extent, also directly determines the happiness index of our life oh. I personally feel that the bathroom is more important than the kitchen, after all, the frequency of use is too high, you may not cook every day, but the bathroom is what you must use every day, so how to pick the right price, but also high-quality bathroom products is the theme of today.

The floor drain is a very important piece of hardware in the bathroom.It is recommended to choose a mechanical floor drain for the dry area, which has a good seal, and one with a water seal depth higher than 5cm for the shower area, which has a tighter seal and slower evaporation rate. The second is the shower, the shower is more recommended to choose the ordinary shower, remember to buy more durable ceramic valve core on ok.The main faucet is preferably made of copper, with CUPC certification.The tap is also a very important sanitary ware, I recommend that the first point is to look at the CUPC certification and choose the ceramic spool.The second part of the faucet is selected with a copper content of more than 60%, which is more corrosion-resistant and durable, and not easily damaged by long-term use; the hose part is recommended to be wrapped with stainless steel wire, the kind that is not removable.




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