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How to clean and maintain the induction faucet?

If we place our hands in the sensing area of ​​the sensing faucet, the water will automatically flow out. This is an infrared faucet designed by the induction faucet. This design is very convenient for life. So how to clean and maintain the induction faucet in daily life? Today, the editor will come up with a trick for you. 1. The cleaning of the induction faucet: 1. Only rinse with clean water and dry the faucet with a soft cotton cloth; 2. Do not use any abrasive cleaner, abrasive cloth or paper towel; 3. Do not use any acidic Cleaners, polished abrasives, or harsh cleaners or soap 4. Use mild colorless glass cleaner, or a powdery detergent that does not have an abrasive effect and can be completely dissolved (and mixed according to manufacturing instructions). 5. Polishing liquid without abrasion. After cleaning, please use clean water to remove all the cleaning agents and wipe them dry with a soft cotton cloth. Second, the maintenance of the induction faucet: 1, often clean the appearance of the product with a clean soft cloth. 2. Avoid using acid and alkali chemicals when avoiding. 3. Do not wipe the electroplated parts and plastic parts with wire balls or nylon balls. 4. Eliminate the scratching and scratching of the product surface with hard materials. 5. Do not flush the product directly with water. 6. Keep it dry under the countertop to prevent it from being wet for a long time. 7. For DC series products, you should replace the battery even if you find that the sensor light keeps flashing. 8. Clean the filter regularly to prevent clogging and affect normal use. Third, the usual precautions: usually use car wax to spray on the surface of the faucet for 3-5 minutes to maintain the brightness of the sample of the faucet; it is best not to touch it directly with your hands, because oil on your hands is easy to get on the surface of the faucet Not easy to clean, affecting finish



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