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How to install the induction faucet?

The induction faucet uses the infrared principle, as long as the hand is placed in the induction area of ​​the induction faucet, the water is automatically sensed. If the family buys the induction faucet, how to install it? Please see the installation steps below. Installation steps of induction faucet: 1. When installing this faucet, make sure that the distance between the induction window facing down and the bottom of the sink is at least 25CM, otherwise it will affect the sensitivity of its induction. 2. Close the water source of the water inlet where the sensor faucet is to be installed to ensure the installation of the faucet. 3. Take out the faucet body of the faucet from the packaging, wrap the thread of the water inlet on the faucet body with raw material tape or stopper glue, and screw the faucet body into the wall where the inlet pipe is to be fixed. 4. Disassemble the battery box cover on the protruding part of the top cover of the sensor faucet body, carefully pull out the battery box inside, and put 4 new No. 3 alkaline batteries in accordance with the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. The red light of the sensor window will blink continuously. After the red light of the sensor window on the faucet body stops flashing and pushes into the battery box, it is locked, so that the main body of the faucet is considered to be installed. 5. Open the water source of the water inlet where the faucet is to be installed for testing, and use the water valve button to adjust the amount of water output. If there is no problem, you can put it into use.



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