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How to keep the bathroom away from odors

Many people start from the bathroom one day, and the deodorization of the bathroom is very important. Having a fragrant, dry and refreshing bathroom can affect your mood. However, the innate odor of the bathroom has bothered many people. VIGA today teaches you how to cure the deodorization of the bathroom.Let’s take a look at the cause of the odor at the bathroom and the corresponding solution.

  • The water of closestool move too slowly
    Odor causes: Many families changed the installation position of the closestool for reasons of layout, size, etc., resulting in the closestool not directly facing the drain, the water moving too slow, easy to accumulate debris. So it is easy to appear anti-taste phenomenon.
    Solution: The most fundamental solution is to move the toilet position back to the original drain, but this is generally a large amount of work. The more convenient way is to replace the toilet with better deodorant effect.
  • The closestool water seal is not up to standard
    Odor causes: The so-called water seal refers to the water stored in the closestool. The water storage can prevent the odor from returning. The height of the water storage determines the ability of the toilet to block the odor. The national regulations stipulate that the height of the water seal of the toilet should not be less than 50mm. If the height of the toilet water seal does not meet this standard, the returning smell may occur.
    Solution: When purchasing a closestool, be sure to pay attention to the height of the water seal. The height of the closestool water seal must meet the national standards. The higher the water seal height, the better the deodorization effect. However, as the water level rises, the water splash problem is more likely to occur. Therefore, to buy a toilet, it is best to choose a product with a water seal height of 55-60mm.
  • The closestool glaze quality is poor
    Odor causes: If the glazed surface of the closestool itself is not well sealed, it is very easy to hide dirt, hang dirty, and it is not easy to clean. After a long time, the closestool itself will produce a lot of odor.
    Solution: The cure method is to change the closestool with better quality. If it can’t be replaced temporarily, then it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning. The daily cleaning frequency needs to be increased to ensure that the stains are discharged in time and no odor is generated.
  • The connection between the sewer pipe and the sewer is not tightly sealed.
    Odor causes: Many people do not take some sealing anti-back odor measures when the sewer pipe of the bathroom wash basin connectes to the sewer, which can easily lead to odor in the bathroom.
    Solution: You can use a glass glue or other adhesive to seal the gap at the interface so that the gas cannot be emitted. Or use a sewer pipe with storing water to bring a deodorant effect.
  • Vent odor backflow
    Odor causes: If you have not found any source of odor in other places in the bathroom, but the bathroom still has odor, then the odor is likely to come in from the outside.
    Solution: You can find someone to overhaul the exhaust pipe, and you can change a ventilation fan with a check valve to prevent odor reflow.
  • The pipeline is blocked to cause odor
    Odor causes: If you do not pay attention to the cleaning of the drains of sinks, wash basins, bathroom cabinets, bathtubs and SS304 floor drains, so that the dirt will adhere to the outfalls for a long time, causing pollution and blockage of the drains and even the pipes, it will also cause the bathroom to emit odor.
    Solution: It is easier to remove the dirt from the outfall, but it is not so easy to remove the dirt attached to the pipe wall. Now the pipeline cleaners sold by major building materials supermarkets have a certain dissolution and corrosion effect on the dirt, which can play a very good cleaning effect.
  • Other ways of anti-odor in bathroom
    Excluding the sources listed above that may cause the smell of bathroom, if there is odor in the bathroom, it is likely that the odor of the bathroom cannot be discharged in time due to the lack of cleaning and ventilation. Let’s take a look at other ways to prevent odors in the bathroom.
    1, Often ventilation
    Many people often use air fresheners or other more intense tastes to cover up the odor when they encounter the problem of bathroom odor, instead of eradicating odor. To solve the odor of the bathroom, the most effective way is to ventilate. If the bathroom has windows, you can open the window and ventilate every day. If the bathroom is small and there is no window, you need to use the exhaust fan.
    2, Placing a specific green plant
    If the bathroom area is large, some green plants can be placed to remove the smell of the bathroom. However, it should be noted that the green plants placed in the bathroom are also very particular, and it is best to have broad-leaved leafy plants such as green radish and tyrannosaurids, which can grow well in the humid environment without sunlight. They can absorb dirt, moisture, and regulate the air, which can greatly help the bathroom to eliminate odor.

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