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Important Point For Bathroom Decorations.

when decorate the house, we always think what is best to our house.

such as, living room is bright enough.A lot of people will seal up the balcony when decorating,Convert to floor-to-ceiling Windows to increase when using a space also can have enough light to illuminate whole room.

But if you are not a professional plumber, you may not be able to make the bathroom look good.
Here are some tips on bathroom decoration. I hope you will design your own beautiful bathroom after reading

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Sink Water Drainage
Wall drain: the sewage outlet drains into the wall horizontally, after entering the wall, first turn a turn and then enter the ground drain.

The ground drainage means that the sewage outlet is directly connected to the ground drainage outlet vertically.

Both have advantages and disadvantages.
For example, wall row, this method is more popular in foreign countries. Because it hides the pipes in the wall, choose a wall-mounted cabinet to save a lot of space.

More often, the wall drainage goes directly to the wall of your own home, so you don’t need to go through the floor too much. Even if There is a problem with my own water pipe, and basically it will not affect the neighbors downstairs.

The disadvantage is if the drainage broken, Basically, repairs can only be done by demolishing houses, which is quite inconvenient.

Ground drainage is directly connected to the ground drainage outlet, which is prone to sanitary blind spots. Like we can often hear the sound of water from the sewer pipe, it is also the noise caused by the use of ground drainage, and the water flows through the floor and down the pipe.
If you use ground drainage, such as the toilet shifting, changing the installation position of the hand basin, etc., it will be more troublesome. A little bit of movement may cause unnecessary problems such as water leakage in later use. And, if the pipes of the households upstairs break and leak, your house will certainly not be spared.

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Just like the bathroom cabinet mentioned above. At present, many people choose to enter the wall cabinet.Compared with the traditional floor-mounted bathroom cabinets, the wall-mounted cabinets has a better appearance and lightness.

There is more space at the bottom and easier to clean.

Bathroom wet and dry separation
If there are many people in the family, you can choose to do wet and dry separation.
The advantages of dry and wet separation in bathroom design:
1. Safety. According to the regional planning of the use function, it can avoid the water on the floor when taking a bath and reduce the possibility of slipping.
2. It is easy to clean, which can ensure the dryness of the shower area, prevent the growth of bacteria, and increase the service life of furniture such as bathroom cabinets.
3. Improve the space utilization rate, and it will not affect the use of the dry area when taking a bath, which is more convenient.

There can be two separations, three separations and four separations for the toilet dry and wet separation. For the bathroom with only 4m², the two separation design is sufficient.

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In short, in this era of pursuing the supreme beauty, Each one is pursuing the unique bathroom design.

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