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Introduction about Chinese famous brand—— JOMOO

In the past, “Made in China” has contributed to the world an abundance of good quality and inexpensive goods, but behind the reputation of “world factory” is the lack of independent brands and core technology. In order to break this deadlock, countless Chinese artisan brands have staged an amazing history of reversal. In the day-to-day manufacturing, refining craftsmanship; in a thousand processes, cohesion of craftsmanship. “Made in China” has finally been reborn and transformed into “Created in China” again. China re-entered the ranks of the advanced in various fields, “the light of national products” to shine in a stunning manner. Just a short time ago, from the sanitary industry, Jiumu, for the “Made in China” honor list to add a new medal. In the World Brand Lab (World Brand Lab) sponsored by the (19th) “World Brand Conference”, Nine Shepherd Group and the State Grid, Haier, Tencent, Huawei and other brands on the list of “China’s 500 most valuable brands”, with 110.738 billion brand value of China’s sanitary ware leading, become the industry’s first brand value exceeded 100 billion enterprises, so that the sanitary industry’s “national light” more and more shining. To be recognized by authority is no accident. From the establishment of independent brands, to export, nine mu write a difficult and amazing history of retrogression. And behind the “light of national products” is the “great artisan” of family sentiment.

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Breakthrough with innovation. Take the road of independent brands strong country

In 1990, Lin Xiaofa founded the Jumu brand in Nan’an, Fujian Province, to do coal mining machine dust spray system to start. At that time, the Nine Muses only had two employees, and the scale was not even called a factory, but only a small family workshop. Even so, from the beginning of the brand, Lin Xiaofa insisted on building his own brand, and has been trying various innovations. 1993, Jiumu series of household faucets were introduced, leading to the innovation of quick-opening faucets; in 1996, the development and production of showers, showerheads, so that the national shower situation has been thoroughly improved; in 1999, Jiumu sensor faucets were introduced, saving more than 30% of water; in 2003, Jiumu added kitchen accessories. In 2006, the sanitary ceramics products were listed, and the industry pioneered the employment of celebrity endorsement; in 2007, the launch of global brand strategy, in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States; in 2011, into the cabinet industry, into the Jiumu overall kitchen and bathroom era; in 2014, Jiumu layout of the national five-star customized whole bathroom stores, leading the industry To bathroom product customization route reform; 2016, the industry’s first high-end sanitary five-star customization of the new model, open personalized customization; 2021, nine mu to create the world’s first 5G digital intelligent ceramic factory put into production ……

In fact, insisting on innovation-driven Nine Shepherds, has been actively promoting digital change, applying 5G technology to kitchen and bathroom products in a pioneering way, constantly making key core technology breakthroughs in strategic and forward-looking areas, and creating a number of 5G benchmark factories. For example, the latest 5G intelligent toilet lighthouse factory put into production by Jiumu, through 5G robot precision gripping, 5G intelligent warehouse logistics, 5G in-film visual monitoring and other applications, factory production efficiency increased by 67%, logistics and transportation efficiency increased by 45%, and overall comprehensive efficiency increased by 37%. Jiumu’s 5G smart manufacturing is a typical example of digital transformation and innovation of enterprises in recent years, which is at the leading level in the industry and, in a sense, represents the highest level of sanitary production in China.

With 32 years of experience in the kitchen and sanitary industry, Jiumu has become a world-renowned national sanitary brand. 32 years of dedication to building its own brand, Jiumu continues to push the boundaries of innovation, while remaining true to its roots in innovation. In the battle of “attack and defense”, reflecting the responsibility of the national sanitary brand leader of the Nine Shepherds to “strong brand” as its own responsibility.

Introduction about Chinese famous brand—— JOMOO - Blog - 2

Master the core technology “the heavy weapon of the country”. Win the right to speak in the market

Core technology is a national weapon, no core technology, can only be controlled by others. Lin Xiaofa, secretary of the party committee of the Nine Shepherds Group, has always believed that “scientific and technological innovation is the key to choke the lifeline of the manufacturing industry, mastering core technology in order to master the market discourse.” In his insistence, nine mu always adhere to rely on technological advantages, drive enterprise progress. Every year, not less than 10% of total sales will be invested in technology research and development and products, in the industry, can pay as much attention to technology research and development of enterprises like nine mu rare. At the same time, nine mu also in the global layout of 16 research and development centers, its first toilet electrolysis technology, silver ion sterilization technology and other world-class technology. Up to now, Nine Shepherds has applied for more than 15,000 patents and has won 192 global design awards.

The obsession with technology has given Nine Shepherd an absolute competitive advantage, successfully breaking the monopoly of international brands on the high-end sanitary market, becoming the exclusive sanitary supplier of world-class landmarks such as the Bird’s Nest and Beijing Daxing International Airport, entering the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and other ancient buildings, and being selected as super landmarks, such as the eight-star Palace in Abu Dhabi, the Sailboat Hotel, the Seven Stars Hotel in Beijing Pangu, Shanghai Thomson One and other super landmarks.

More or less core technology determines to a large extent the strength of an enterprise’s competitive advantage, and is also a strong proof of an enterprise’s innovation ability. Nine mu in the core technology of the full force of the assault, for the transformation and upgrading of the entire kitchen and bathroom manufacturing industry has set the wind vane of upward development. With craftsmanship casting national brand, technology to promote the rise of the national tide, nine mu let the world see the power of China!

JOMOO, as a pioneer of national brand, vigorously carry forward the artisan spirit, firmly control the core technology “lifeline”, and constantly improve the quality of Chinese manufacturing, to create a world-renowned Chinese brand, the development of enterprises and national prosperity, national prosperity, people’s happiness closely together, so that the “national light “shine on the world stage.






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