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Is It Any wonder There Are So Many People Decorating In June? Turns Out There’ s So Many Benefits…

Xiaoxin   Bathroom Headline

When it comes to renovation, it is indeed a technically bursting with things, but also torture, there are twelve months a year, four seasons, choose when to renovate? May and June each year is a better time for home renovation, the material moisture content is moderate, the air humidity is low, unlike July and August, rainy and humid, most consumers choose to renovate in May and June. Specifically, renovating now has the following benefits.


Moderate air temperature

I believe that in the summer or winter for the renovation of the home owners have a deep understanding of the summer temperature is hot, making workers easily tired and irritable; and winter is dry and cold, some places even need to be heated to enable workers to work as usual. The temperature in June is just right.


Moderate moisture content of wood

The main problem with woodworking is its moisture content, and too high or too low a moisture content can be very noticeable when there is a large change in temperature and its thermal expansion and contraction.

So what is the moisture content of the average qualified woodworking material? Generally a moisture content of 8% is best, and in the spring its weather and temperatures make it possible to keep the moisture content of the wood in the safe zone of 8-13%.

June has high air humidity, but it is also easy to ventilate, and the moisture content of wood materials is relatively moderate.


Good paint adhesion

The proper temperature and humidity in June are good for air circulation, so the paint will dry faster than in summer, and the period of three-time painting is generally three or four days shorter.


Facilitates the laying of wall and floor tiles

June because of its temperature and humidity is more moderate, making the workers in the cement mortar to do a good job of marking the preservation of more complete, conducive to the floor and wall tile paving, and make the quality will be relatively good, paving the wall and floor tiles will be more solid, not easy to produce fall off.


Energetic decorators

After the rest and relaxation during the Chinese New Year, decorators, designers and workers become energetic and open-minded instead of working fatigued. This will avoid some safety hazards.


Significant price advantage

In June many renovation companies, home building materials in order to start the year in a fierce mix of sales throughout the year, in order to start the promotional war, will launch a number of promotional activities. Decoration companies will also launch a series of promotions, just in all kinds of various brands, you can save the decoration budget.

Decorating traps

But we decorate also need to pay attention to some things which we can avoid completely.

Renovating is a really, really hard grind, and a really, really expensive thing to do, and really because of that, a lot of homeowners are trying to make their homes perfect when they renovate! But the final renovation turned out to be far different from what I thought it would be in the first place! No, today, the editor sums up the over-the-top blood lessons of millions of homeowners, and it’s really a travesty! I hope you don’t follow in my footsteps!

1, European style home furnishings give people look very high-end atmosphere upscale, which is not, many young people are very much like! But if the home is small, then it’s advisable not to use it, as it will make the whole space look very small! It also accumulates dust very easily and is very difficult to clean!

2, the bathroom is recommended not to choose glass, very fragile, there is not recommended to choose a basin, hard to clean! And a little bit of dirt can be seen, so it’s very bad!

Don’t ever use blinds on your cabinets at home, it’s really bad, they tend to accumulate dust later on and cleaning them is a chore!

4, don’t ask acquaintances to decorate, not only cheaper than where to go, and later problems, find him may also feel that you are not righteous, but also owe someone a favor!

5, low floor at home, it is not recommended to do complex ceiling, because the complexity of the ceiling to reduce the height of the floor, future living will give people a depressing feeling!

6, the kitchen sink choice, it is recommended not to choose a double-slot, because the concept of double-slot at the same time seems to be basically no, and there is only one faucet, how to use! The double slots also lower the operating table!

7, electricity and water in this area, don’t save, later problems, that can be a real problem! Remember, be sure to do a pressure test after you’re done!

9, don’t do too much light decoration, later really can’t use, the light source is not good! Do too much furnishings also accumulate dust.

10, the bedroom is not recommended to choose a sliding door cabinet, the track is not only prone to accumulate dust, but also off not tight! Post-cleaning is hard too!

11, if you are not a diligent person, it is recommended that you do not use carpets at home, it is easy to breed bacteria oh!

12, windows are recommended to be set to open to the outside, otherwise it is easy to run into the head of the later Oh!

13, bathtub, really Mrs. too impractical. If there is no one at home and no one likes to take a bath, it is recommended or not to install, not only occupies the place, later has to clean often!

14, If you’re on a budget, here’s still a suggestion that finished furniture is cheaper! Because labor is really expensive these days.



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