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Is it necessary to use faucet filters?

Modern residents’ domestic water is mainly drawn from rivers, lakes, groundwater and surface water through pumping stations in waterworks, and is treated by waterworks in accordance with the “National Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water” through processes such as sedimentation, disinfection and filtration, and finally delivered to various users through water distribution pumping stations. But in recent decades the water quality of the tap water qualified rate is not very big, water purifier can effectively remove harmful substances in the tap water, and faucet water purifier is directly installed and hanging on the family faucet micro water purification equipment, the following together with a look at the faucet water purifier is really useful?

Is it necessary to use faucet filters? - Blog - 1

Usually the tap water we drink is disinfected with chlorine, which can kill viruses and bacteria, but it is difficult to remove limescale, heavy metals and other substances, and some viral and bacterial corpses may still exist. The faucet water purifier certainly has a certain filtering effect, but the size of its role is related to the faucet water purifier filtering material and production design technology, the best purchase is the regular brand.

The faucet water purifier is easy to use, purify the water while also retaining the beneficial mineral trace elements, the tap water has a certain purification role, but the role is limited, compared with professional water treatment products or a big gap, the faucet water purifier as a miniature water treatment equipment, are generally installed in the kitchen use.

The use of faucet water purifier can filter out almost all impurities such as sediment, colloid, rust, algae, heavy metal ions, etc. Through layers of filtration, these substances can be removed, so as to further ensure the health of people’s living drinking water.

Is it necessary to use faucet filters? - Blog - 2

The main water purification technology of the faucet water purifier are the following: (a), activated carbon technology to activated carbon as the main water purification material of the faucet water purifier, nano-active cartridge adsorption capacity is relatively good, before the adsorption saturation of chlorine, heavy metals, and pesticides in the water have better filtration effect. (B), hollow fiber technology to hollow fiber membrane based water purification technology, can filter out the majority of pollutants in the water, the need for regular replacement cartridge. (C), ceramic and nano-KDF technology most of the domestic products are used to microporous ceramic cartridge and nano-KDF media, chlorine ball, alkaline ball-based water purification technology, water flow is greater than the use of hollow fiber technology water purifier, ceramic cartridge can be repeatedly brushed to use, to a certain service life, the need for regular replacement of the cartridge.



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