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January-October Refined Decoration Market Intelligent Toilet Scale 561,000 Sets, The Growth Of Domestic Brands To 28.4%

According to AVC (AVC) real estate big data monitoring: January-October 2021, the cumulative number of new openings in China’s commercial residential finishing projects was 2,788, down 9.4% year-on-year. The cumulative scale of new openings is 2.315 million sets, down 13.2% year-on-year. Among them, the scale of smart toilets in the finishing market was 561,000 sets, up 30.9% year-on-year, with a matching rate of 24.2%. This is an increase of 8.1 percentage points over the same period in 2020.

January-October Refined Decoration Market Intelligent Toilet Scale 561,000 Sets, The Growth Of Domestic Brands To 28.4% - Blog - 1
In terms of subtypes, in January-October 2021, the scale of smart toilet seat all-in-one supporting the refined decoration market was 344,000 sets, with a matching rate of 14.9%. The smart toilet cover supporting scale is 203,000 sets, supporting rate is 8.8%.

From the city point of view, 2021 January-October smart toilet market supporting the top ten cities were Guangzhou, Kunming, Nanjing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Foshan, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Taiyuan, supporting the size of 33,252 sets, 23,655 sets, 22,700 sets, 19,183 sets, 19,065 sets, 16,354 sets, 14,863 sets, 13,428 sets, 12,708 sets. From the regional scale, East China is still the main market, supporting the scale of 194,000 sets, with a market share of 34.6%. Followed by South China, where the scale of intelligent toilets supports 131,000 sets, an increase of 81.5% over the same period last year. Central China led the high growth, the growth rate reached 107%. At present, the new first-tier cities as a refined market intelligent toilet supporting the main market, the scale of 191,000 sets. Other cities at all levels have different degrees of growth, including the fastest growth in third-tier cities, with a year-on-year growth rate of over 65%.

In January-October 2021, in the refined smart toilet market, the share of the top 50 developers was 83.5%, and the share of non-top 50 developers was 16.5%. The TOP 1-10 developers have the majority share of 62.1%. Their supporting scale was 348,000 sets, up 28.1% year-on-year. the supporting scale of TOP11-30 developers grew rapidly, at 84,000 sets, up 44.7% year-on-year. Specifically, among the top 50 developers, Country Garden and Binjiang Group’s intelligent toilet configuration rate has exceeded 50%, with Country Garden reaching 61.8%, an increase of nearly 30 percentage points from last year. Binjiang Group’s smart toilet configuration rate reached 55.9%, an increase of 42.5 percentage points compared with the whole year of 2020.

In January-October 2021, the cumulative share of Top 10 brands in the refined smart toilet market reached 86.6%. It is worth noting that foreign brands continued to decline from 87.2% in the same period of 2019 to 71.6% this year, and domestic brands grew from 12.8% in the same period of 2019 to 28.4% this year. The top four foreign brands Kohler, TOTO, American Standard and Duravit accounted for 32.8%, 20.8%, 7.7% and 7.5%, respectively. The top four national brands were Blue Balloon, Nine Shepherd, Hengjie, Wrigley, accounting for 74.9%, 9.6%, 4.9%, 2.5%.



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