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Advantages of Pull-out kitchen faucet

At present, the pull-out kitchen faucet is becoming more and more popular in the markets. It has two modes: steam mode and spray mode. It can be easily converted at the top button of the shower. The 1.5-meters stainless steel hose can be pulled out and reach any place the user needs.

1.What is the pull-out faucet?

The pull-out faucet can be pumped out at the outlet of the faucet, which makes it easier for us to clean. In ordinary places where the ordinary faucet can’t be washed, we can easily rinse the dead corners. There are two ways to pull the faucet. One is foaming water and the other is shower water. Pull-out type faucets are more common in modern families.

Advantages of Pull-out kitchen faucet - Blog - 1

2.Five advantages of the pull-out faucet

  1. Convenience

We all know that the traditional faucet outlet is fixed. It is very inconvenient to use a relatively large object to receive water. For example, basins, buckets, etc., but the pull-out faucet properly solves this problem.

  1. Humanize

The pull-out faucet pulls up to 1.5 meters of stainless steel hose from the nozzle position for a 360 degree rotation. The spout can easily reach where you need to wash or use water. Whether you want to add water, water, or dishwashing, the water can be easily reached. If you want to wash it, you can change the shower water and the faucet water with ease, and easily solve the problem in the kitchen.

  1. Easy to clean

the kitchen has a large amount of oil fumes, so the faucet is easily stained with oil and water stains, and after repeated cleaning, the surface of the faucet is easily tarnished. However, the pull-out faucet will not have such a problem. The special plating technology is adopted, and the cleaning agent is brushed without fading or corrosion, and is not easy to be viscous, easy to clean and wear-resistant.

  1. Durability

The durability of the faucet depends mainly on the surface treatment process. It is tested in an acidic high temperature environment with a pH of nearly 3, and it is intact for more than 4 hours, indicating that the surface treatment process is very hard, and the pull-out faucet meets this standard.

Advantages of Pull-out kitchen faucet - Blog - 2

  1. Environmental protection

The environmental protection of the faucet is manifested in the lead content in the water, which is mainly caused by the water body washing the water channel. The low-temperature welding process between the copper inlet pipe and the faucet body is used to maintain high strength and special welding materials, which do not contain cadmium and effectively prevent harmful metals.


3.kitchen faucet purchase points

  1. Kitchen faucet can rotate 360° angle

For ease of use, the kitchen faucet should be taller, and the spout should be long. It is best to stretch over the drain and not splash. If there is a hot water line in the kitchen, the faucet should also be double. In order to meet various needs of use, most of the kitchen faucets can now achieve the left and right rotation of the faucet body, while the faucet part, the pull-type faucet can extract the faucet and facilitate cleaning to all corners of the sink, the disadvantage is that it is drawn out. A hand must be vacated to hold the faucet. Some faucets can rotate up and down 360°.

  1. Preferred stainless steel material

The kitchen faucet is usually made of brass, which is the most common pure copper faucet on the market. But due to the characteristics of the kitchen environment, pure copper faucets are not necessarily the best choice. All pure copper faucets are plated on the outermost layer, and the purpose of plating is to prevent corrosion and rust inside the brass. The kitchen has a lot of fumes, and the greasy and cleansing of the hands when washing the dishes often requires cleaning the faucet. If the cleaning is not done in the correct way, it is very likely that the plating of the faucet will be damaged and the head will be corroded and rusted. If you want to choose a full copper kitchen faucet, be sure to have excellent plating, otherwise it is easy to make the head rust and corrosion.

Advantages of Pull-out kitchen faucet - Blog - 3

Now some manufacturers use high-quality 304 stainless steel to make the faucet. Compared with pure copper faucet, the faucet made of high-quality stainless steel has lead-free, acid-proof, alkali-resistant, non-corrosive, non-release of harmful substances and will not pollute the tap water source. Features. This is very important for the drinking water in the kitchen; and the stainless steel faucet does not need to be electroplated, it is extremely rust-free, and its hardness and toughness are more than twice as high as that of the copper product, so it is very convenient to clean.


3.Pay attention to whether the nozzle can take care of both sides of the sink

Pay attention to the length of the basin and the faucet when purchasing. If the kitchen is a double basin, pay attention to whether the length of the nozzle can be rotated while taking care of the sinks on both sides. Now most kitchen faucets can realize the left and right rotation of the faucet body, and the faucet part, the pull-type faucet can extract the faucet and facilitate cleaning to all corners of the sink. The disadvantage is that it must be vacated when the faucet is pulled out. Only hand to hold the faucet.

Have you ever had such a situation before: the faucet has a small water supply range, it is impossible to completely flush the water tank, or the water column is not well controlled, the water is not cleaned, and the water is splashed everywhere. It is really anxious to scratch the ear. Choose a pull-out faucet to solve your problems.



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