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Lang Whale’s new product debut in 2015, high-looking is so capricious

Each peak decoration season is a stage for the big coffees of high-value and powerful building materials products. Beginning in 2015, Langjing Sanitary Ware, which has received much attention, has released a variety of smart toilets, shower rooms, steam rooms, and new bathroom cabinets. Later, in June, it launched two European style bathroom cabinets, Caesar Imperial Court and British Knights. , And the “blooming” series of faucets designed in bionic design.

The new products at the beginning of the year have been fascinating during the three-month decoration season, and the hot sales scene has made people who were worried about the downturn of the property market completely relieved. The new products in June will show their talents during the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition where experts gather

Caesar Imperial Court series of Langjing bathroom

Among the new products that detonated the market at their first show, the Caesar Imperial Court series is worth mentioning. It not only creates a new visual experience in European court style, but also brings people’s reflection on European sanitary ware.

In the entanglement and exploration, the release of the Caesar Imperial Court can be described as having gone through twists and turns. After several design teams have worked together to build, the rose element is extracted from the French Tuileries Garden, and it combines Baroque design brushwork and imposing momentum. With its intricate carvings, curly grass carvings, curvilinear shape, and brownish-yellow appearance, it finally presents such a set of bathroom cabinets worthy of the first show that will detonate the audience.

Another new product worth highlighting is the smart toilet of Langjing. The battle to purchase toilet lids in Japan at the beginning of the year may still be fresh in the memory of the kings.

In fact, a careful person will find that in the domestic smart toilet market, Langjing has already accounted for a very large market share. When some people go to Japan to buy smart toilets, many domestic consumers have installed Langjing’s smarts at home. Toilet bowl.

From the product level, the breakthrough of Langjing smart toilet is reflected in two aspects. One is the humanized function, which achieves the extreme intelligence that people need, while eliminating some unnecessary functions. The second is the exquisite design in design, focusing on the shaping of high-value appearance. The colors, lines, shapes, carvings, patterns, etc., as well as the sense of integration with the overall space, have excellent performance, which is why people are gradually turning to domestic buyers The key reason for smart toilets.

Yang Hong, Marketing Director of Langjing Sanitary Ware, said that on the one hand, Langjing provides innovative solutions in the overall bathroom space, and on the other hand, it continues to improve the user experience in product details, creating a luxury whale craftsmanship that belongs only to Langjing, and its debut in 2015 The new products all reflect this proposition.

The other hot item that debuted in 2015 is its steam room, which should have bath enjoyment functions, such as remote control, wet steaming, top spray, back spray, side spray, lifting shower, massage surfing, Exhaust, constant temperature, bubble bath, changing background light, warning function, etc.

**The difference is that with years of accumulated technology background and a large number of user use cases, Langjing has achieved a very ** level in terms of stability and durability.

In terms of appearance, Langjing’s new steam room has begun to take the route of simplicity and beauty. On the basis of ensuring high appearance, it eliminates unnecessary decorations, so that it is easier to match with the bathroom space. Everything is made for practicality, which is the highlight of Langjing in the steam room, which just solves the pain points encountered by consumers in the steam room.



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