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Learn to buy and maintain faucets, healthy life without worries

Faucet is a necessity for modern household water. It is used to control the size of water flow. It not only brings great convenience to our daily water use, but also has the effect of saving water. Let the editor of a famous faucet brand introduce you to the selection, installation and maintenance strategy of faucets.

一: The purpose needs to be clear, and look at the classification of the faucet

To understand the relevant content of faucets, we must first start with its classification. Different types of faucets have different methods of use and purposes. The following is clear, which is very important for purchasing high-quality and suitable products.

1, according to materials

Generally, there are titanium alloy products, copper chrome-plated products, stainless steel chrome-plated products, aluminum alloy chrome-plated products, iron chrome-plated products, etc. in order of quality.

2, according to the structure

can be divided into several types of faucets such as single type, double type and triple type, in addition to single handle and double handle.

Faucets are classified according to their structure. Single connection type can be connected to cold water pipe or hot water pipe. Double type can be connected to both hot and cold pipes at the same time. It is mostly used for bathroom basins and kitchen sinks with hot water supply. Triple faucet in addition to cold and hot water In addition to the two pipes, it can also be connected to a shower head. The faucet is mainly used for bathtubs. The single handle can adjust the temperature of cold and hot water through one handle. Double handles need to adjust the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe separately to adjust the water temperature.

2: Buy wisely

There are so many varieties of faucets on the market, which will make people feel at a loss when buying. Purchasing a suitable and high-quality faucet is of great help to the convenience of life in the future. Here are four great shopping tips.

1, look at the surface

To distinguish the quality of the faucet depends on its brightness. The smoother and brighter the surface, the better the quality.

2, turn the handle

When turning the handle of a good faucet, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, and it can be turned on and off easily and without any slippage. Inferior faucets not only have a large gap, but also a large sense of resistance.

3, listen to the sound

A good faucet is made of integrally cast copper, and the sound is dull when hitting; if the sound is very crisp, it must be stainless steel, and the quality will be worse.

4. Recognition mark

Generally, regular products have the manufacturer’s brand logo, while some informal products or some inferior products are often only pasted with some paper labels, or even without any marks.

3: Install carefully, know the installation method in advance

The installation of the faucet is an important step in the use of the faucet. It needs to be handled carefully. If it is not handled well, it will bring inconvenience to life, so the following installation steps need to be clarified.

1. Installation tool preparation

First, prepare the installation tools, and check whether the supporting parts are complete before installation. Common faucet parts are: hoses, rubber washers, showers, drains, crutches, decorative caps, etc.

2, clean before installation

Before installing the faucet, you need to flush with water to clean the sediment and impurities in the water pipe, remove the debris in the installation hole, and check that the accessories in the packing box are not mixed with impurities to avoid blockage or wear of the ceramic valve core.

3, left hot water, right cold water

When    takes over, remember that the left side is hot water and the right side is cold water. The distance between the two pipes is 100mm/200mm. After fixing the position of the water inlet connector, remove the faucet, and install the faucet after the wall plastering is completed to prevent the surface coating of the faucet from being worn and scratched.

4. Installation of single hole basin faucet

When installing, it must be equipped with a special angle valve, and the angle valve must be fixed to the hot and cold water pipes from the wall. When you find that there is a distance between the angle valve and the water pipe on the faucet, buy a special extension pipe to connect it. Remember, you must not use other water pipes to connect, because if the water pressure is high, it will easily fall off and leak water, causing you loss. If the inlet pipe is too long to exceed the outlet pipe, the part can be cut off as needed. If the angle is not appropriate, it can be bent to the required position appropriately.

6. Installation of shower and bathtub faucets

After purchasing a concealed faucet, the valve core of the faucet is generally pre-buried in the wall. Before embedding, you must pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall. If the wall is too thin, the valve core will not be pre-buried. Do not remove the plastic protective cover of the valve core easily during pre-embedding, so as to avoid damage to the valve core by cement and other chores. In addition, you should pay attention to the up and down, left and right directions of the spool when embedding the spool to avoid the wrong spool. When the wall-mounted faucet is embedded in the water inlet pipe, there is a deviation in the size, and the adjustable crutches can be used to adjust the position.

4: There are ways to maintain the faucet for longer use

Reasonable use and timely maintenance of the faucet can extend its service life and keep it bright as new.

(1), daily cleaning and maintenance of faucets

1. Clean the surface of the faucet regularly

It is best to clean the faucet every 30 days, and mainly use car wax for external surface maintenance and cleaning. Usually use clean water to rinse off the dirt on the surface of the faucet, and then dry it with a soft cotton cloth.

2. Clean the inside of the faucet

Many people only notice the surface of the faucet when cleaning the faucet, but the inside of the faucet is actually more important. If the amount of water from the faucet is reduced or the water is crossed, it may be caused by blockage of the bubbler. The bubbler can be removed, soaked in vinegar, clean the debris with a small brush or other tools, and then reinstalled.

3. Pay attention to avoid scratching the faucet when cleaning

When cleaning the faucet, do not use any abrasive cleaners, cloth or paper towels; do not use acid-containing cleaners, polishing abrasives or rough cleaners or soaps.

(2), daily maintenance of faucet

Usually, you can spray car wax on the surface of the faucet for 3/5 minutes and wipe it to keep the brightness of the faucet; it is best not to touch it directly with dirty hands, because the oil on the hand can easily get on the surface of the faucet, which is not easy to clean and affect the finish.

(3), use the faucet correctly daily

To use the faucet correctly, you should turn it off and open as much as possible. Don’t turn the faucet knob repeatedly, or turn the faucet too tightly. In addition, the faucet should try not to hit hard objects. For the use of bathtub faucet, the metal hose of the shower head should be kept in a natural stretched state. Do not coil it on the faucet when not in use. When in use or not, be careful not to form a dead angle at the joint between the hose and the valve body to avoid breaking or damage. hose.



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