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Mathieson Architects Ideas

Mathieson Architects, an Australian studio, whose architects hope to pass on architectural design skill and evolving spatial strategies in their work by designing a series of spaces. Minimalism is not the complete opposite of materialism, but a re-examination of the additional attributes of things.

Red Hill Home

Mathieson Architects presents luxury in the simplest form through its Red Hill house in Canberra, Australia.

A family with four young children covers an area of more than 5500 square meters. In order to satisfy the family’s needs for six bedrooms and numerous living spaces, Mathieson Architects designed a single-story wing building, which maximizes the relationship between the house and the outdoor and intersects with the two-story building.

Informal space separated from formal space which ensures the comfortable model of private family life. The big windows deeply reveal the open living spaces in the north and south, which can capture the sunshine in the north and enjoy the panoramic view of the south garden at the same time.

Through the soft color palette of materials, the house is full of real tranquility. White and sandblasted stone walls, black granite, limestone floors and dyed American oak can both work together to ensure a polished monochrome solution.

Bondi Beach Apartment

When you walk into the front door and enjoy the distant sea view, you can feel a strong sense of scale, form and material. The layout of the apartment makes full use of every inch of space provided by this humble residence.

The center of the house contains a lot of living spaces and a study room, the laundry room and washing room are hidden behind the wooden cover, which further coordinates the modernization and refinement of the whole building. The design of open kitchen is similar to the elements of furniture, which is what we like to see here.

There are three bedrooms in it, each with its own suite and dressing room, each with a full-height window which can enlarge the sea view around. The simplified palette is masculine, which is popular in the whole house. The soft white wall, terrazzo floor and spacious light create a sense of tranquility.

Elevated Living in Mosman

From the customized solid wooden door in front to the open dining room and formal lounge in the back, the building is integrated with the surroundings. There is a striking sea view on one side, and on the other side, there is a swimming pool terrace facing north, which makes people feel that they are in their own private space.

The interior design subtly enhances the feeling of luxury and calm. The whole dining room and living area are full of single colors, which are in harmony with the rich marble and wood grain, while the carefully planned custom furniture and art collections add personality and interest.

Outdoor and indoor rooms are combined, and double-fold doors are adopted in the central living area, which leads to the vast balcony space. Each of the four master bedrooms has its own bathroom, dressing room and walk-in robe. The bedroom with plenty of light and neutral tone provides rest and peace.



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