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Methods of selecting bathroom hardware

1. Should we choose a big brand to choose a faucet? What details should we pay attention to when choosing and buying?
According to the experience and habits of consumers, when choosing a faucet, they always consider the big brand first. There is nothing wrong with this idea. The big brand itself is the guarantee of quality, but you still need to pay attention to many details when choosing the faucet, such as faucet material, valve core and accessory material. Whether the amount of water can meet your requirements.
2. How to choose a more suitable faucet for different sizes of basin?
Because users are increasingly pursuing individual designs, they must consider the size of the faucet when choosing a washbasin. Don’t buy small faucets because it’s cheap, which can cause splashes because the faucets are too close to the edge of the sink and are very inconvenient to use. Most stores now recommend the combination of a basin and a faucet, which can help you avoid some of the mistakes that may arise during your selection and purchase.
3. What is the general price of the faucet? What is the price of faucets of different materials?
On this issue, VIGA faucet feels that we still have to choose the faucet according to our own economic ability. Different materials have different faucets. But don’t buy cheap or fake products.
In general, the faucet is made of cast iron, plastic, zinc alloy, copper alloy and stainless steel. Cast iron is easy to rust, plastic is easy to age, zinc alloy has poor stability and is easy to burst, resulting in a short use time. It is not recommended to buy these three materials.
Therefore, at the time of purchase, it is necessary to recognize the national standard copper, also known as “59 copper” and “HPB59-1 lead brass.” Another common material is 304 stainless steel, because it does not require electroplating, the surface can be polished, the handle is smooth and delicate, it is lead-free, corrosion-resistant, hardly rusted and durable. High chromium content. If 304 stainless steel containing impurities is used, an excessive amount of six times of chromium may be precipitated, thereby impairing liver function. Therefore, 304 stainless steel with SUS304 mark should be used for purchase.
Look at the surface
To prevent corrosion of the faucet, the manufacturer will coat the surface with a layer of nickel and chromium. The formal plating process is very detailed, which requires a lot of processes to complete. In general, the smoother the surface, the brighter the surface, the better the quality. In addition, if you press your finger on the surface, the fingerprint will spread quickly without any traces, which means that the plating texture is good.
Rotary handle
When purchasing, you can easily judge whether the cartridge is good or bad according to the feel of the rotating handle. In general, the consumer can turn the handle up and down, if it feels light, no block, then the cartridge is better.
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