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Midea Life | Leaders Of Midea Group Visited Arrow Home Group

Kitchen & Bath Headlines

September 2, Midea Group China Regional Vice President Wang Xinliang, Midea Group China Regional Home Improvement Business Development Minister Liang Jilian, Midea Group Kitchen Heating Division Engineering Minister Xiong Debing, Midea Group China Regional Home Improvement Business Development Manager Long Haideng, Midea Home Air Conditioning Division Engineering Manager Li Manman, Midea Weiqing Division Home Improvement Development Manager Fan Yuexin and other leaders visited Arrow Home Group and reached a strategic consensus.

– Showroom Visit –

In Arrow Home Group Chairman and General Manager Xie Yorong; Arrow Home Group Director and Deputy General Manager Xie Wei; Arrow Home Group Deputy General Manager Lu Jinhui; Arrow Bathroom Division General Manager Zhou Zhiwei; Arrow Tile Division General Manager Cheng Zhen; Arrow Customization Division General Manager Zhao Bin; Arrow Home Group eCommerce Under the leadership of general manager Peng Zhou; Arrow Home Group brand center director Mo Bo Eddie; Arrow Home Group new retail operations director Ding Jie Min and other group leaders, Midea Group delegation visited the Arrow bathroom headquarters showroom, in a detailed explanation of the depth of understanding of Arrow bathroom intelligent products and its design philosophy and technology patents.

– Visit The Showroom –

After that, the two sides started a discussion and exchange. Firstly, Mr. Ding Jie Min, Director of New Retail Operations of Arrow Home Group, briefly introduced the brand scale, development status and the achievements and experience sharing of new retail of Arrow sanitary ware; then Mr. Zhou Zhiwei, General Manager of Arrow Sanitary Division, introduced the latest products of Arrow sanitary ware.


– Discussions And Exchanges –

Midea Group China Regional Home Improvement Business Development Minister Liang Jielian and Arrow Home Group New Retail Operations Director Ding Jiemin introduced the Arrow bathroom and Midea planning plan, and Arrow Home Group Deputy General Manager Lu Jinhui discussed the strategic direction of Arrow and Midea’s integrated strategy to achieve a strong union and mutual benefit. Give full play to their respective channel advantages and reach a strategic consensus.

 – Mr. Xie Yorong, Chairman And General Manager Of Arrow Home Group –

– Mr. Wang Xinliang, Vice President Of Midea Group In China –

– Mr. Liang Jilian, Director Of Home Improvement Business Development Of Midea Group In China –

– Ding Jie Min, Director Of New Retail Operations, Arrow Home Group, Inc. –

Through this visit, Midea Group leaders have a deeper understanding of Arrow Sanitary Ware, which has been established for 26 years, as a trend-setter in the sanitary industry, continues to rely on scientific and technological wisdom and innovative technology and integrated marketing advantages at home and abroad, grasping the opportunities of the global Home industry, leading industry reform, on behalf of the country to the world, to win global recognition.

The in-depth communication between the two sides not only established a deep strategic mutual trust, but also laid a good foundation for future cooperation. Arrow sanitary ware continues to apply the comprehensive wisdom of technology, design, fashion, humanities and other diversified, keeping the original intention, hand in hand with Midea Group to continue to create a better intelligent life experience for global users, to meet more consumers, a higher level of comfortable Home life needs.



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