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Sleek and Sophisticated Matte Black Tissue Holder and Shelf

While no one tends to like to acknowledge it, the modern customer can be very particular in getting what they want. There is perhaps no better example of this than in the combination of storage, practicality and high end finish that you’ll see waiting for you in this bathroom tissue holder. Lightweight and every easy to install on any wall, this is the contractor and distributor’s dream with its sleek footprint and beautiful aesthetic that customers will go crazy over.
Offering a large easy-access ring for your customer to hook bathroom tissue on, this will offer easy spinning and easy changes when needed. One of the best features of this is the small shelf on top that is perfect for placing phones, a piece decor or anything else that your customer deems necessary. High end and professional quality with its base of stainless steel, this is fade-resistant as well as moisture-resistant and created for the modern customer that wants it all to come together in a small footprint. No matter what bathroom you’re helping create, this is going to be a key feature.

•Dignified and stylish matte black finish
•Holds bathroom tissue and offers a little shelf for extra storage
•Popular and perfect design for the modern bathroom



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