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New faucet standards will be implemented next month “3C” certification lead precipitation

Towards the end of the year, not only the major sanitary ware companies began to summarize their development experience and achievements, and deploy their development strategies for the coming year, some industry-related laws and regulations or industry standards have also been released at this time. For example, the faucet standard known as “the most stringent in history”-GB18145-2014 “Ceramic Seal Faucet Standard” will be formally implemented on December 1. The implementation of the new standard will undoubtedly bring a new fashion to the sanitary ware industry, but I don’t know whether the new products produced under this standard can truly “bewilder” people’s minds behind the consumer’s “discoloration of lead”?

New faucet standards will be implemented next month

Since the previous exposure of 9 major brands of faucet lead exceeding incidents, “talking about lead discoloration” has become the true “face” of consumers of sanitary products. In order to change this status quo, reinvigorate consumers’ confidence in the sanitary ware industry, and at the same time, in order to make up for the related shortcomings of the current faucet standards, the new faucet standards have to be expedited!

It is reported that the new faucet standard GB18145-2014 “Ceramic Sealing Sheet Faucet Standard” since its release on May 6 will eventually be officially implemented throughout the country on December 1! Compared with the current standard, the new standard is the largest The change is the addition of the prescribed limits for the precipitation of 17 metal pollutants such as lead, chromium, arsenic, manganese, mercury, etc., and clearly stipulates the compulsory provisions of such clauses! According to industry insiders, “the precipitation of metal pollutants from ceramic sheet sealing taps “Limit value certification” is the first certification work for the new national standard of faucets. It is not only more authoritative, scientific, fair and objective, but also plays an important role in promoting industrial upgrading and eliminating outdated production processes. As Dr. Yin Hong, Deputy Secretary-General of China Building Ceramics Association, said, “In the future, this certification will also serve as a 3C certification in the bathroom industry!”

New faucet standards will be implemented next month “3C” certification lead precipitation

New faucet standards will be implemented next month “3C” certification lead precipitation

Without a market access certificate, how can sanitary products “confuse” consumers?

Once the so-called “3C” certification takes shape, it will undoubtedly become a market access certificate for household faucet products. Only by obtaining this “access certificate” can sanitary ware companies enter the market. Many sanitary ware companies have also wanted to use this as a golden point to open the market. It is reported that many companies have taken the initiative to apply for certification, but it is expected that the number of companies that pass the certification will not exceed 15! The author understands that TOTO, Roca, Kohler, Luda, Moen, Zhongyu and many other well-known bathroom companies They are all in the first batch of certification lists. As for the specific brands that “pass the customs safely”, the list will also be announced in December!

Among the thousands of sanitary ware brands, large and small, the first batch of certified companies are hardly even the “tip of the iceberg”. This undoubtedly gave the majority of sanitary ware companies a “drink to the head”, and consumers also expressed “a great deal of pressure” on this! Because the excessive lead content is extremely harmful to infants, the elderly, pregnant women, and anemic patients and other groups with poor resistance, As a result, many consumers will be more cautious when choosing faucet products. However, the author found in the survey statistics of major home furnishing stores that nearly half of consumers do not know the new faucet standard, and the other half of the consumers who know the standard can really understand very little, and the lack of relevant knowledge makes many The “badhearted” companies took advantage of the loopholes and further disrupted the healthy order of the market!

In this regard, sanitary ware brands that have excellent product quality and can truly pass the new standard certification, while increasing their own brand promotion, should also strengthen the popularization of related industry knowledge in promotional activities. On the one hand, it has cleared away the “darkness” in the minds of consumers, and can truly gather a group of loyal users; on the other hand, in the process of knowledge popularization, the company itself has once again clarified the relevant indicators and guidelines of the industry standards, and this time Remind yourself to follow the standards and produce with conscience. This is the attitude and method that companies really win people’s hearts and “snap” the pockets of consumers should have! It is true that the author’s point of view does not remain in the pessimism of “15”, and the implementation of strict standards is for the healthy development of the industry It is definitely a good thing. We can’t kill companies that are temporarily “failed”. Whether or not to complete the “counterattack” is in the hands of the sanitary ware companies.

By the end of the year, the development of the industry has reached a critical period of summary and deployment. Only by summing up the failures and lessons of the past, following the new laws and regulations and industry standards, and making new strategic plans at this height, sanitary ware companies can usher in a higher development prospect in the coming year!



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