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New vision, new ideas, new marketing expand bathroom brand

In the fierce competition, the bathroom industry will expand the market and increase the sales of products in the future. It is really hard to innovate constantly and come up with more and better marketing methods. Today, Xiaobian introduces a special marketing method for everyone- Micro marketing, perhaps many bathroom companies have already used this marketing method. What is micro marketing? Micro marketing is a modern low-cost, cost-effective marketing method. Compared with traditional marketing methods, “micro-marketing” advocates the establishment of a “lighter” and more efficient, involving R & D, products, channels, markets, brand communication, promotion, customer relations, etc. through the interaction of “virtual” and “reality” The entire marketing chain integrates all kinds of marketing resources, and achieves the marketing effect of focusing on small and big, and focusing on light and heavy. The emergence of WeChat marketing has not only affected the lives of modern people, but also changed people’s consumption concepts and communication methods. The amount of information faced by consumers is getting larger and more complex, but the time spent on these media is very limited. . According to industry sources, WeChat is not only a platform for information release, but also a platform for communication between bathroom companies and consumers. Micro-marketing is not just a simple push message, more is the bathroom companies need to create a marketing atmosphere, so that consumers can experience it. So how do sanitary ware companies do micro-marketing? First of all, we want to increase consumer participation. Without consumer participation, no marketing method can survive. Here, we suggest that everyone do micro marketing must pay attention to the innovation and fun of the design, only interesting and fun design can allow users to participate in it, and sometimes even do not give rewards, because consumers have already received the spiritual Reward, he was happy. Second, we should pay attention to the user experience. For example, we can get some small prizes to attract customers. Of course, this should be within a certain range. What we should pay attention to is to be as simple as possible in the original rules, or to allow users to have a request every time they complete a request. Periodic rewards to stimulate him. Just like games, playing monsters and completing upgrades is a bit complicated, but you can get feedback and rewards after completing a task so that you are willing to participate and customers can be happy and satisfied. Before the sanitary ware enterprise has used large-scale, combined use of online marketing, it is an important step to understand the recent trend. As for how to ensure that the sanitary ware enterprise’s network marketing is truly implemented, it will more effectively penetrate into the business links of sanitary ware product marketing, brand communication, and terminal sales promotion. This requires the establishment and improvement of the theoretical system. First of all, it is necessary to persuade oneself and the customers in terms of ideas. At the same time, it needs to gradually land in the industry, correct and improve the strategy system and execution routines in the promotion of specific products and brands, and thus come out The road to molding came out. Latecomers can walk on it. Sanitary ware enterprises should dare to try and find no breakthrough points or tricks in the original marketing strategy framework, then jump out of the original routine, find new means in the new world, create new strategies, stand in new The height of vision and the height of new ideas are to do marketing and brand communication of bathroom products.



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