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“One Belt One Road” National Strategy How can Chinese leading companies seize new opportunities?

As a long-term national strategy of China, the accelerated implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and successively taking root and bearing fruit in relevant countries around the world will bring new development opportunities for Chinese faucet companies in the process of transformation and upgrading.
From May 14 to 15, 2017, the “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum successfully concluded in Beijing. As a long-term national strategy of China, the accelerated implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative, which will take root and bear fruit in relevant countries around the world, will bring new opportunities for the development of Chinese faucet companies in the process of transformation and upgrading. Riding on the east wind of the “Belt and Road” national strategy will promote more local faucet companies to actively go global.
The Belt and Road Initiative brings new opportunities for development

As a new round of globalization strategy initiated and promoted by China, the national strategy of “One Belt One Road” was put forward 4 years ago, and the successful convening of the “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum a few days ago will make the improvement of the business performance of Chinese faucet enterprises in transformation and upgrading just around the corner. Because, for the transformation and transformation of faucet enterprises, in addition to the need for sufficient time to settle, it also requires precise grasp of external opportunities.

At present, the Belt and Road Initiative mainly refers to the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”. It has been four years since the proposal to the implementation. Currently, projects that are aligned with China’s “One Belt One Road” national strategy include Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union, ASEAN’s master plan for interconnection, Kazakhstan’s “Bright Road”, and Turkey’s “Intermediate “Walking the outline”, the “development road” proposed by Mongolia, the “two corridors and one circle” proposed by Vietnam, the “Northern England Economic Center” proposed by the United Kingdom, the “Amber Road” proposed by Poland, and China’s cooperation with Laos, Cambodia and Hungary Waiting for the country’s planning and docking work is also in full swing. At the same time, China has also signed cooperation agreements with more than 40 countries and international organizations. The current “Belt and Road” national strategy is launched, from the coverage of the country, the impact of industries, and the degree of economic integration, it can be said that faucet companies have a new stage where they can use their power and a new battlefield for development.

The Belt and Road Initiative promotes enterprises to go global

At the same time, judging from the original intention of the “Belt and Road” national strategy, it is not a new round of internationalization seeking increment, but a truly new globalization strategy, achieving global integration and mutual creation and win-win. First of all, what China pursues is not unilateral profit, but multilateral win-win; second, what China hopes is not to transfer excess capacity to foreign countries, but to cooperate and win-win manufacturing capacity between China and foreign countries. The country’s resources, manpower, industry, etc. are connected; moreover, it is not only the pursuit of simply going out, but also seeking to bring in to achieve a win-win situation between China and other countries in the world.

Therefore, for Chinese faucet companies, the implementation and promotion of the “One Belt, One Road” national strategy is not just simply participating in the sharing of business opportunities in overseas markets, grabbing territory, and taking Europe and the United States as the second and third Chinese markets. , To achieve continued growth in revenue scale and profits; but to encourage more Chinese companies to go out, actively embrace the world, integrate the world’s top resources, including technology, talent, and wisdom, and stand on the world stage to reshape The new strength of Chinese companies.

How do Chinese faucet companies seize new opportunities?

Therefore, for Chinese faucet companies, they must strategically attach importance to the development space and business opportunities brought about by the “Belt and Road”; strategically, they must actively participate in and leverage this round of national policy dividends to obtain a new one. The support point and business point of the round of development; in terms of breakthroughs, it is necessary to change the past unilateral expansion thinking, but to look at the power of resource integration and integration in the global market.

Strategically, Chinese faucet companies must realize that they must adhere to the “market going out, team going out” and “introduction of talents and ideas” to achieve a win-win strategy in order to give Chinese faucet companies new global competitiveness. It is hoped that the market operation bottomed out and rebounded. There must be a sense of globalization of business layout, not just a simple overseas speculation.

In terms of breakthroughs, we must use the “One Belt One Road” policy to enhance the independent innovation capabilities of enterprises. Innovation is the soul and the root. For Chinese faucet companies, only by taking the path of independent innovation can they have the conditions and capabilities to participate in global market competition. Whether it is capital mergers and acquisitions, high salaries, or the establishment of overseas R&D centers, the key is to have your own product innovation and definition capabilities.

Finally, I would like to remind all faucet manufacturers that the “One Belt, One Road” national strategy is not an exclusive bonus for a few large companies and merchants, but a policy dividend that all faucet manufacturers can participate in and share. The key is whether faucet manufacturers can find their own living space and competitive opportunities.



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