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Over 4 Trillion To Enter The “Old Reform”, A Bathroom Enterprise Monthly Sales Growth Of 25%!

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Over 4 Trillion To Enter The

On July 20, the General Office of the State Council officially released the “guidance on comprehensively promoting the transformation of old urban areas” (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”) to clarify the target tasks of the transformation of old urban areas, the target range and support policies. According to the “Opinions” revealed that in 2020, the new start transformation of urban old districts 39,000, involving nearly 7 million residents, and strive to “Fourteenth Five-Year” period, basically completed before the end of 2000 to transform the transformation of the old urban district transformation task. According to the Ministry of Housing and Construction previously survey results show that the country built before 2000, the old district of nearly 170,000, involving hundreds of millions of residents, more than 42 million households.

Over 4 Trillion To Enter The

Researchers conservative estimates, according to the old district transformation of the three major content, the basic category of the transformation of the average cost of about 300 yuan per square meter, according to the 4 billion square meters to be transformed measured, the national old district infrastructure transformation is expected to invest 1.2 trillion yuan; improve the class transformation if only consider the elevator and parking, is expected to need at least 2.66 trillion yuan; for the upgrading of the class transformation, according to each An estimate of $4 million invested in small districts and 170,000 districts would require $0.68 trillion. Therefore, a conservative estimate of the old district transformation needs to invest at least 4.54 trillion yuan. Large amount of the old change, for the residents of the old district is naturally good, for the bathroom, home furnishing and other fields of enterprise is also a “big cake”.


Huida Bathroom

Targeting Older Neighborhoods For Renovation, Monthly Sales Up 25%

August 4, according to the Hubei Business Daily report, Huida bathroom “aimed at the transformation of the old district,” domestic sales increased by 25% in May. In the process of urban renewal, Huida Sanitary ware has accumulated a wealth of experience. Nearly a decade, Huida bathroom involved in Beijing’s resettlement housing, public rental housing, shanty houses, talent housing and dozens of major projects, a total of more than 20 million sets of bathroom products for Beijing and the county.

Over 4 Trillion To Enter The

Huida Sanitary Participated In Some Of The Renovation Projects

In addition to Beijing, Huida bathroom also began to sink to the township, 2019 Huida bathroom to seize the opportunity of the “toilet revolution”, the launch of “thousands of counties and towns ecological revolution plan”, into the township areas of the toilet transformation project. 2020. Huida bathroom and took the lead in initiating the “new infrastructure industry alliance” to enter the city’s old district transformation and new infrastructure and other areas, the transformation of the old district bathroom transformation is the focus of Huida bathroom.

On August 10, Huida bathroom also launched a new infrastructure toilet revolution research institute, focusing on “poverty alleviation in poor areas, cultural and scenic areas, new agricultural housing, urban renewal (old)”, Huida bathroom in the old transformation, new agricultural housing and other areas of the layout to provide strategic support.


Seagull Household Workers

Seagullfurunda, U Choice Power Up “Old Reform”

In July 20, the “old reform” policy was released, the old reform concept stocks rose collectively, bathroom companies in addition to Huida, Seagull Sumitomo’s gains are also remarkable. As of the close of trading, Seagull Sumitomo rose 6.88% on the day, a few days after that is continued to go higher.

Over 4 Trillion To Enter The

According to Seagull Sumitomo’s “Record of Investor Relations Activities” released on July 6, 2020, Seagull Sumitomo currently owns U Choice and Furunda, two brands of customized complete bathroom.In 2019, the company continues to deepen its transformation and upgrading strategy, actively explore the domestic interior industrialized components parts and services market, and vigorously develop customized complete bathroom, cabinet and The domestic sales business of its own brand such as smart home. With its good brand image and excellent product quality, Seagull has become a supplier of SMC and color steel for Longhu Real Estate, Yuexiu Real Estate and Vanke Real Estate, and has further expanded its market share to become one of the leading suppliers of SMC and color steel for Rising Fai Residential, Excellence Group, China Resources Land, China Housing and Urban Planning.

Sunkwan Group, a collection and sourcing provider, said that in 2019, Yu Liang, Chairman of Vanke Group, pointed out that the old reform and TOD are the new growth curve of the real estate developer’s traditional development business. In the new round of “old reform”, the performance of Vanke, Longhu, Excellence, China Resources are quite impressive. On July 22, Vanke and the Shenyang government signed a deal to invest 56 billion yuan in industrial parks and old reform projects, and on May 11, Excellence Group won a 180,000-square-meter old reform project in Dongguan. As the first real estate developer to set up an urban renewal group, Excellence has been one of the biggest “old reform” players in the industry. With the landing of these mega “old renovation” projects, Seagull Sumitomo, one of the related sanitary product suppliers, may usher in a new round of development opportunities.



Remodeling Accounts For 70% Of Total Business In Beijing

In addition to the sanitary ware enterprise, home enterprise to the “old change” higher participation, potential is also greater. 24 May, the New Times securities released a theme of “many categories, double brand, big house drive steady growth, deep ploughing all channels cast strong constant strong” research report shows, China’s real estate has said goodbye to the new house dominant period, the center of gravity to the stock! Transaction shifts.In 2018, China’s set household ratio reached 1.13, which is at the international medium level, indicating that the housing shortage has been alleviated and the residential stock is more abundant. From the volume of transactions, the proportion of second-hand housing transactions in first-tier cities has increased, with Beijing and Shenzhen accounting for more than 60% of second-hand housing transactions, and Guangzhou still has room for improvement, with the overall entering the era of the stock.

Over 4 Trillion To Enter The

For custom home furnishings enterprises, the second-hand house market is becoming the most important source of revenue. In 2018 Oppein’s local orders in Guangzhou, about 70% of the second-hand house from the renovation and replacement, and the stickiness of the first-hand house transaction is becoming less and less.

In addition, the upgrading of old neighborhoods ushered in a series of favorable policies, which will accelerate the demand for renovation and replacement of second-hand houses. In April this year, the “2020 new urbanization construction and urban-rural integration and development of key tasks” was officially released, emphasizing the promotion of urban renewal, transformation of old neighborhoods; The Politburo meeting also made clear the direction of the special government bonds, including the transformation of the old district.

New Times Securities expects that the demand for housing refurbishment brought about by the upgrading of old neighborhoods and second-hand house transactions will become a new growth area for Oppein, and to some extent smooth the impact of cyclical real estate fluctuations, weakening the real estate post-cyclical properties of the home industry.


Suofeiya Home Collection

Specializing In Old Home Renovation Packages

The Number Of Used And Refurbished Homes Is On The Rise

In terms of the value structure of the residential renovation market, according to the AVC, the old and used home renovation market will account for a combined share of over 40% in 2019 and over 42% in 2020. The rough housing market, however, continues to decline and is expected to fall to just under 23% in 2019 and 17.6% in 2020, with the rough housing market also falling below 37% in 2020. The inventory refurbishment market value will continue to exceed the size of the rough housing market value.

Over 4 Trillion To Enter The

The Suofeiya Home Collection is on track to launch its old house refurbishment packages during the “3.15” period in 2019. According to the relevant financial report, in 2019 Suofeiya Home Collection’s customers order new houses from 73% to 66% of the new houses, second-hand house renovation is growing.

Some organizations pointed out that in terms of transformation content, this year’s vigorous promotion of the old urban district renovation work is an upgraded version of the previous transformation work, from a single transformation into the transformation content into three categories: one is the basic class, including plumbing, heating and gas roads and other municipal supporting infrastructure renovation and upgrading, maintenance of public parts of the district buildings; two is the perfect class, including the district environment and supporting facilities renovation and upgrading, conditional on the installation of additional elevators The third is upgrading, including the supply of community public service products, such as the elderly, child care, health epidemic prevention, disability assistance.

Relying on the “old reform”, sanitary ware, household, building materials, property, communication equipment and other industries will usher in a wave of high-speed growth. Under the radiation and drive of the “old reform”, steel, exterior paint, cement, mortar, building insulation materials, wood and other construction materials, parking equipment, green equipment, elevators and other community equipment, catering, retail, education, elderly and other service consumption demand, optical fiber, 5G construction and other new infrastructure industries are expected to get a new driving force. As a trigger, the “old renovation” or will open the real estate stock room era of imagination, to discover a new round of demand for the pan-home industry, empowering the bathroom industry bigger and stronger.



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