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Sanitary products with disinfection or sterilization function may usher in an outbreak

Under the new coronary epidemic, although it will affect the entire industry in the short term, it will also generate new demand. Everyone’s consumption concept will change greatly. Health awareness and environmental protection awareness will be further strengthened. It has functions such as disinfection and sterilization. Health bathroom products have become a new growth point for enterprises.
This sudden epidemic has aroused great attention from the entire people, and has also awakened the people’s awareness of all-round disinfection of the living environment of the home. This will promote people to form healthy cleaning habits in personal hygiene. Household disinfection supplies have become daily necessities, directly Promote the strong demand for disinfection and sterilization sanitary products.
In fact, this scene is very similar to the changes in people’s health needs around SARS 17 years ago. After SARS that year, small appliances such as vacuum cleaners, disinfection cabinets, and microwave ovens became popular because of “disinfection and sterilization.” This time, the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the national health awareness broke out again. For personal hygiene, the most need to be improved is the bathroom, which will promote the health upgrade of bathroom life.
Sanitary sterilization in the bathroom can be reflected in two aspects: First, the sanitary ware products have antibacterial and sterilizing functions, such as toilets containing silver ions, intelligent wave sterilization of toilets, and so on. The second is to disinfect and sterilize daily necessities other than sanitary ware, such as toothbrushes, towels, skin care products, etc. Because the bathroom is small, damp and difficult to ventilate, bacteria easily breed and affect each other, so disinfection and sterilization of the bathroom space need to be considered.
The epidemic is a health education for the whole people, so that more people know the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and they are more willing to invest more in health. There is no doubt that the health needs will directly promote the upgrading of health bathrooms, and the biggest benefit will be companies with forward-looking R & D in health bathrooms.
In fact, health upgrade is originally a trend of the future development of the bathroom industry. After this epidemic, it will not change the development trajectory of the industry. Consumers ’demand for bathroom products will not change toward the intelligent, healthy and environmentally friendly consumption upgrade trend. Make consumers’ attention to health escalate again. In other words, scientific and technological innovation is still the core competitiveness and growth driver of sanitary enterprises in the future.



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