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Sensor Faucet Manufacturers in China

For our current social situation, with the outbreak of the new coronavirus, more and more countries are focusing on public health issues. Automatic sensor faucets are widely used to help protect public safety. In addition, many people forget to turn off the water after using it, resulting in a huge waste of water. This is the time when the automatic induction faucet appears in our public vision. When people reach out, the water flow starts; when people leave, the water is turned off. No longer need to worry about forgetting to turn off the water. But now many of us know not much about the induction faucet, today VIGA will give you a brief introduction to it.

The induction faucet is through the principle of infrared reflection. When the hand on the faucet’s induction area, infrared emitted by the infrared emitter tube infrared light through the human hand reflected to the infrared receiver tube, the signal after processing sent to the pulse solenoid valve to control the water system. When the hand away from the faucet in the sensor area, infrared light is not reflected, the solenoid valve automatically closes, the water will automatically close.

Automatic induction faucet is for the current urban water waste is serious, water resources are dwindling. GIBO continuously innovate product structure, improve product design, and apply the latest technology in product design. The control circuit adopts American Microchip low-power chip, which effectively enhances the battery life. The built-in memory (EEPROM) can effectively remember the user’s habits. GIBO is the first in the industry to use remote control. All the products can be easily controlled by a special remote control, which can help you quickly set the working mode, adjust the induction distance and flushing time, which is convenient to use and easier to maintain.GIBO sensor sanitary ware takes people’s water habits into full consideration, which makes it more convenient for people to use water and at the same time effectively avoids wasting a lot of water, and avoids the spread of germs caused by contact, thus effectively preventing cross-infection. This can achieve the purpose of convenience, hygiene and water conservation.

The main types of induction faucets are as follows:

(1) Faucet with a shielded infrared automatic switch. When someone reaches out to wash, the infrared beam will be blocked, and the faucet automatically opens and discharges water. After washing and people leave, the faucet will automatically shut down and stop after 15 seconds of delayed water release. It is easy to use, both health and water saving.

(2) Infrared reflective water-saving faucet. Infrared reflective water-saving faucet of the water-saving circuit is divided into sending and receiving two major parts, placed on both sides of the faucet. When someone is near the faucet to wash, its infrared beam is reflected, after receiving, amplify, decode and output to trigger the solid state relay, open the faucet. The faucet will close automatically when the person leaves after washing. This circuit saves water and electricity, and can also prevent contact with various diseases and infections. This can be widely used in restaurants, public toilets, hospitals, passenger transport station and other public places.

Now the public places are all induction faucet, almost can not see the switch type faucet. The times are progressing, even a small tap is progressing. If we don’t make progress, we will be eliminated by society. Sensor faucets can effectively prevent the waste of water resources.



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