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Shower classification, purchase and maintenance tips You want all here!

Read more: showering is the way most people bathe these days, so the choice of shower is quite important. A good shower not only cleans the dirt from your body, but also washes away the accumulated fatigue of the day, simply a bathroom treasure. The shower in the market is all sorts of, it’s confusing to the eye, but, the so-called variation is not far from it, master the following methods, for the purchase of the shower, you can basically handle the hand. Types of Shower There are roughly 3 types of showerheads, which are handheld, top spray and side spray. Shower according to the different functions of the water way is also different, the more common water mode are: 1, general that is, the basic shower shower water flow, suitable for simple and fast shower; 2, turbo water flow concentration for a water column, so that the skin has a slight numbness and micro-itchy feeling, this bath can be very good to stimulate, sober mind; 3, massage type refers to the water flower strong and powerful, intermittent pouring, can stimulate each point of the body; 4, strong beam type: massage type water flow strong, through the collision between the water flow to produce a fog effect, increase bathing fun. A complete shower should include a sprinkler head, shower post and hose. Single shower configurations are still the mainstay, but dual shower configurations, i.e., products with top spray and handheld shower, are also on the rise. There are also luxury products with side sprays in addition to top spray and handheld showerheads, which have a certain massaging effect. How to choose a shower and buy a shower, the general consumer may pay attention to the shape of the shower. However, the following details are the key factors in determining whether a showerhead is quality or not. The water output capacity is an important technical indicator of the shower, today’s showers are mostly equipped with different water output stalls, pay attention to the size of the water output between different stalls, good products will do a clear hierarchy, different stalls water output is obviously different. For some of the single-stall showerheads, it is also necessary to pay attention to the water output should not be too large or too small, and pay attention to balance. Quality showerheads with nozzle designs are generally easier to clean and this is reflected in the design of the nozzles. Poorly designed nozzles are prone to clogging and scale buildup, and if not cleaned in a timely manner, they can affect the efficiency of the discharge and reduce the shower experience. For this reason, the nozzles of quality showers are usually designed to be more prominent and made of silicone, which makes cleaning less difficult. The material is mostly made of brass, which can effectively resist bacteria and keep the water pure. At present, the well-known brands of showerheads are all copper as the main material, and copper material is divided into 52, 55, 59 and 62 several grades, in addition to individual world brands, domestic well-known brands are mostly 59 copper material. Plating In general, the shinier and finer the surface of the shower, the better the process of plating. A good valve spool is made of high hardness ceramic, smooth, wear-resistant, to prevent dripping and dripping, when you buy, you must twist the switch yourself to try it, if the feel is poor, this shower is best not to buy. A shower with a good hand grip enhances shower comfort. The shower is generally marked with stainless steel, most businesses will add a non-slip layer to the surface to increase the feel, and a quality non-slip layer can also play a role in insulation. Also, the angle of the shower is an element that determines grip comfort and should be taken into account when purchasing. I don’t know if you’ve tried this shower maintenance technique: when showering, suddenly curious, want to turn the shower to see the structure inside, only to find that the inside is rusty, and also feel a bit slippery, the original daily bath water is through this layer of greasy and out! This is what happens when a shower is left unwashed for a long time. If these two situations arise, then the following shower cleaning and maintenance tips are believed to help you. Remove the limescale regularly at regular intervals, say 3 months, remove the shower, douse the surface and interior of the shower with edible white vinegar and soak for 4-6 hours and clean the spout with a cotton swab or rag. It is then re-installed and watered for a few moments, waiting for the white vinegar and scale to run off, thus removing the scale. Keep the surface clean after each use, make sure there is no shower gel left on the shower, and use a soft cloth with a little flour to wipe the plated surface of the shower, then rinse with water to leave the surface shiny as new. Pay attention to the use of environmental shower is best used in an environment not higher than 70 ℃, high temperature and ultraviolet light will greatly accelerate the aging of the shower, at the same time, the shower should also be installed away from the heat source. Do not clean with strong acid when cleaning limescale remember not to use strong acid to clean, otherwise it is easy to corrode the surface of the shower. For more information on tap prices, please follow China Tap Industry Website: http://vigafaucet.com/



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