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Some experience in bathroom decoration

The most important steps in bathroom decoration, from the selection of the decoration company, the supervision of the decoration construction, the renovation of water and electricity, to the paving and ceiling of the wall and floor, to the purchase and installation of sanitary ware, there are some matters needing attention. When it arrives, high-quality bathroom decoration will be guaranteed.
The bathroom must be waterproof:
In the decoration, the main thing for waterproofing is the bathroom, followed by the balcony. To completely prevent water leakage to the downstairs in the future, we must raise the issue of waterproofing to the highest degree of attention.
Suggestion: The floor waterproofing agent must be used under supervision to ensure that it is waterproofed according to strict technology. The waterproofing must be uniform. If it does not work, do it yourself. Although troublesome, it can prevent future troubles.
Choose the right style:
More than ten styles, including Chinese, New Chinese, New-Classical, Modern, Modern, Minimal, North American, Nordic, Rural, Classical Luxury, Simplicity, Southeast Asia, and the Mediterranean, have emerged, and have a large number of fans.

Before decorating, you must set the style, choose wall tiles, sanitary ware, and it is recommended to choose according to the decoration style, such as color and shape. If it is just a simple piece together, the effect of the final decoration may make you very dissatisfied. Of course, some suites can also be used, which is more convenient.
Slope drainage issues:
The slope of the bathroom floor must be considered before paving bricks. According to the national standard slope, the effect of rapid drainage cannot be achieved, and if you use a deodorant floor drain or an ultra-thin floor drain, it will greatly increase the difficulty of drainage. Make the water drain faster with a steeper slope towards the floor drain. If the bathroom floor is higher than the living room floor or bedroom floor, you can use threshold stone transition to solve it.
Moisture and cover on top:
When decorating the top of the bathroom, it is best to use a PVC board with better waterproof performance, which can be installed on the keel and can also play a role in covering the pipes. Now a metal aluminum alloy gusset appears on the market, which is also used for bathroom decoration. Yes.
Circuit safety:
The bathroom is relatively humid, so be careful when installing electric lights and wires. Lights and switches are best selected with safety protection, and the connectors and pins should not be exposed.
Be sure to buy non-slip floor tiles, most of which will use matte or shallow convex concave floor tiles; wall tiles should also choose products with high density and hardness, so that it is moisture-proof and waterproof. The joints of wall tiles and floor tiles must be the same thickness, the joints should be aligned, and the tiles should be flat when they are tiled. If the entrance of the water supply pipeline is encountered, the cuts of the tiles should be small and appropriate.
In addition, if you want to separate the wet and dry areas, that is, the separation of the shower area from the toilet and basin area, you can achieve a good division by different tile materials and color varieties.
Ensure day lighting and ventilation:
The lighting and ventilation of the bathroom are also very important. Since there is generally no natural light in the location, the brightness should be slightly stronger to make up for the lack of natural light. Ventilation problems, you can install bathroom-master ventilation, if there are windows, often ventilate.
Buy toilet:
When purchasing a toilet (toilet), pay attention to the appearance, service life, comfort of squatting, the noise of flushing, the cleanliness of flushing, and the critical water consumption. It is recommended that when you buy, you should check the merchant’s test certificate and touch the glaze to see if it is smooth. If the glaze is rough, it may stick to dirt after flushing and it is not easy to rinse.
Buy bathtub, bathroom cabinet:
The choice of bathtub is mainly based on the brand. It can be an acrylic bathtub. Of course, a better one can use a cast iron bathtub. It should be easy to clean and ergonomically designed.

In terms of basins, it is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of the glaze. Good materials will not stain and it is easy to maintain and clean. Bathroom cabinets must be watertight. Of course, the color should be harmoniously unified with the overall style.



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