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Spent Thousands of Dollars on a Bathroom Cabinet. Six months later, It Already Has Cracked and Molded, Whose Fault Is It?

Xiao Xin   Bathroom Headline

Many users have a variety of home bathroom wet and dry separation practices, I believe that many friends in the renovation of the bathroom to take a variety of ways to avoid the “dark, damp, stink” problem.

But these problems, there are still some homeowners in the home.

So who is at fault this time?

It’s a bathroom cabinet!

No matter how poor you are, you can’t buy cheap bathroom cabinets, or else it’s not just about ugly. Dead ends are hard to clean, nowhere to store, cabinets are moldy, corners are cracked and many other problems. Spent thousands of dollars to buy a bathroom cabinet with such problems, but it really sucks! If you don’t know how to pick, you’re at a big disadvantage!

So how exactly do you choose a bathroom cabinet?Let’s talk about it today~


How is a bathroom cabinet made up?

First, the form of the bathroom cabinet

Bathroom cabinet style broadly divided into two kinds, like this one, the ceiling floor type, we call it “floor type”.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are large, with ample storage space, suitable for families with strong storage needs.

There are no perfect people, every cabinet is not necessarily perfect, there are advantages and disadvantages. Floor-to-ceiling bottoms are not ventilated, which can create some sanitary dead spots, and your worst fears of moisture and mold may come one by one.

In addition to floor-standing cabinets, it’s the hanging type! One is rooted in the earth and the other is close to the wall.

Its strengths:

  1. Lighter, space-saving, and slightly superior in value.
  2. Large space at the bottom, easy to clean, no sanitary corners.
  3. Away from the ground, even in the south, there is no fear of moisture invasion.

Disadvantages first of all in the installation, hanging type will be more trouble than the floor type, because it is the drainage of the wall row type.

In safety considerations, wall-mounted bathroom cabinets need to be installed in a load-bearing wall or thicker wall.

Also, hanging storage isn’t as powerful as floor-mounted, so if you have a big pile of stuff in your bathroom, we’d recommend floor-mounted!

Second, the material of the bathroom cabinet

It’s time to spar with each other’s strength, bathroom cabinet material is generally divided into solid wood, stainless steel, pvc three kinds of which is the most moisture-proof and most practical?

1. Solid wood

The texture is tough as Iron Man and belongs to the powerhouse of the durable school. In addition, solid wood is also more natural and earthy, and anyone who loves nature will love solid wood.

As for the disadvantages, it is very expensive. And the public’s choice of oak or rubberwood can’t completely avoid moisture problems.

2. Stainless steel material

Everyone should know the benefits of this material. Even if you continue to pour water on it for 24 hours, it will not mildew, rust, and its water resistance, no cabinet can match.

And compared to various kinds of wood, stainless steel is also not plagued by formaldehyde problems. But by the material restrictions, stainless steel bath cabinet body is thin, and simple shape. It is basically based on straight lines, so it does not look so good.

3. Pvc material

The surface is lubricated and does not easily stain. Its appearance is beautiful and versatile, so it is suitable for a variety of decoration styles.

Disadvantages are fragile, easily softened and deformed by high temperature, and the load-bearing capacity is not as solid wood and ceramic materials, chemical resistance is not strong.

Third, the structure of the bathroom cabinet

1. Full closed type

As the name implies, the cabinet door is completely closed. What it stores inside, outsiders can’t see at all, which is good for privacy.

2. Semi-closed

The open part of the cabinet can be used for frequently used items and is easier to access. But remember to put it neatly, no longer unbridled mess.

Fourth, the bathroom cabinet hardware

Homeowners should choose high quality hardware such as slow-closing mute door hinges, stainless steel corrosion-resistant door hinges, and buffer mute slide rails, and recognize domestic and foreign quality brands of hardware accessories. Avoid the use of low-quality accessories to ensure that the product is still durable in the wet bathroom environment.

After we understand the structure of the whole bathroom cabinet, how do we pick a quality bathroom cabinet.


How to choose quality bathroom cabinets?

The first step in picking quality bathroom cabinets view the material. When picking a bathroom cabinet, the waterproof feature can be the absolute first factor. Cabinet material to select moisture-proof performance of good material, but also to ensure quality. At present, and moisture-proof performance of the material commonly used: solid wood, stone and PVC board class.

The second step in picking quality bathroom cabinets view the countertop. The countertop of the bathroom cabinet is in contact with the outside world and subject to the most wear and tear, so the bathroom cabinet countertop must choose a hard texture, not easily damaged material. It is recommended to pick marble and ceramic material, which is not only wearable, but also convenient for hygienic cleaning.

The third step in picking a quality bathroom cabinet is to look at the basin.  It’s usually a good idea to choose ceramic as the material for the basin. In addition, if the home area is large enough, it is recommended to choose a double basin, so as to avoid the morning two people using the same washbasin and cause a messy situation.

The fourth step in picking a quality bathroom cabinet is to look at the door panel. In general, the cabinet and the door of the material for the same kind, so its performance function waterproof effect and bathroom cabinet is the same.

The fifth step in picking out a quality bathroom cabinet is to view the mirror. Currently on the market bathroom mirror material is mainly “aluminum mirror” and “silver mirror” these two. “Silver mirror” because of the production process is more complex, so the price is much higher than the “aluminum mirror”. And “silver mirror” in the same light refraction, “silver mirror” will be brighter, so the general high-end bathroom cabinet will use “silver mirror”. At the same time, the bathroom mirror still has an anti-fog function, the use of hot water will not affect the use of the bathroom mirror.

The sixth step to pick a quality bathroom cabinet to view the hardware. The performance of the bathroom cabinet hardware than the cabinet material to determine the service life of the bathroom cabinet. Its importance is also self-evident, so when picking bathroom cabinets, choose stainless steel or bathroom special aluminum hardware that has undergone waterproofing treatment.

The seventh step in picking a quality bathroom cabinet to view the space utilization. Bathroom cabinet storage space, although it is not a measure of quality standards, but the storage space is a very important added value of the bathroom cabinet. This can bring great storage to home life, can make the bathroom more tidy. The additional practical is very large, so when selecting a heavy storage function should pay attention to whether it can meet the needs of daily life.

The eighth step to select a quality bathroom cabinet to view the brand. Usually, bathroom cabinets will have after-sales service. But for the brand of bathroom cabinet, not only reflected in the after-sales service, in product quality is also reflected very obvious. When picking bathroom cabinets first quality, after-sales service is second.


Notes on buying bathroom cabinet

1. Wall structure

Bathroom cabinets are installed in different ways, the requirements of the wall structure are also different. For the hanging type requires the wall is a load-bearing wall or a solid wall, only then can be fixed strong, to ensure the safety of use. If the wall structure of the bathroom cabinet position is a hollow brick wall. It is still recommended to choose the floor type it, so that the use of peace of mind.

2. Drainage method

Bathroom cabinets are drained in two ways: wall drain and floor drain. Most bathroom cabinets are floor drainage design. And for hanging bathroom cabinets will be part of the wall drainage design, because then the ground can not see the drainage pipe, more beautiful. So when you buy bathroom cabinets, pay attention to the drainage method. Do not buy wall drainage bathroom cabinets, in fact, is through the ground drainage to use, then it makes no sense.

3. Environmental protection index

There are various kinds of cabinets for bath proof room cabinets. Different materials environmental protection coefficient is also different, another is the use of paint different environmental protection is also different. When you buy a bathroom cabinet, pay attention to the overall environmental protection, you can smell the smell can be a simple judgment to environmental protection. Never buy a bathroom cabinet whose environmental protection index is not up to standard, because it has an impact on your health.


For quality bathroom cabinet selection, if the pursuit of practical and durable, recommended to pick the countertop + basin / stone countertop + ceramic basin. If the decoration has a grade, bathroom area is large enough, recommended to pick wood cabinet + stone countertop + double basin. If the pursuit of the brand, then you can choose a domestic first-line brand or foreign brands imported. The quality of the brand bathroom cabinet quality and after-sales are guaranteed.



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