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Sleek and Modern Wall-Mounted Bathroom Towel Bar

It’s so hard to get everything right for the customer that always tends to want to go a different way. So, if you are looking to fill your stock with the right pieces, go classic. Classic is classic for a reason, after all! This wall-mounted stainless steel towel bar is simple to install and it is going to offer a beautiful modern appeal with its white angle front and its slim profile. In a series of shades, including a lustrous brushed gold, this will add a touch of high end aesthetic to every bathroom.
Easily installed, this wall-mounted towel bar is going to be the sized to hold hand towels, face clothes and even a bath towel. Since the modern shopper often will enjoy the option of re-purposing it down the road, this is a great selling feature to help them make them the right choice. When you are filling your stock or warehouse with accessories, we believe that you deserve the best quality for the best price. Our high end designs are backed with careful manufacturing of stainless steel to assure quality and longevity that you and your customers will both enjoy.

•Slim and sleek profile for the small and minimalistic bathroom
•High quality and cost-effective towel hanger
•Easy to install and durable for long-term use



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